(THIS ISN’T A CHEAT) How to get money fast on Nintendogs + Cats

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9WF5D71P9o&list=TL_TUSWapEin4 1. Go to Mr. Recycle 2. Buy a TV 3. Sell it back to him You can get a lot of money if you sell …

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Fluttershy's Way says:

i just got the game, and i am really low on money. this did not work
because i started just yesterday :/
but anyone else have a cheat or anything that might help too??

gamergirl 545 says:

Wow! This helped alot! Since I wanted a RoboPup for my 2nd dog, this was
done in a flash! 🙂 Even though u need alot of owner points it still
works! 🙂 I usually sell the champion gear so now I have 5 dogs and one
cat. Ummm… quick question, do u like disneys frozen? I do!

Koolca7aj says:

T.V not on mine O.O

LPSashlynn Hafeman says:

I knew this already

Shaddow Wilsonzo says:

How did you get that much money??

Koolca7aj says:

Plz help

Maroontails73 says:

Yeah of course! 🙂

Maroontails73 says:

Yeah sorry I fixed the title. its the toy poodle version.

Nintendogrrl08 says:

thanks help alot can i add you as my friend

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