They claim there are 200 ways to make money online. I say NOPE!

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Don’t Get Scammed! Are there really 200 ways to earn money online? I don’t think so! Links mentioned – my book – my blo…

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So true! Video marketing is NOT a business model, it’s a way to share
content. “People with skills work for people with ideas.” Jim, you make the
information so practical and I have read your book! It’s packed full of
great, practical information. 

Teresa Armenta says:

Great video! Always learning from Jim (and from SparkWisdom). Be
consistent, be yourself, and provide useful information. Read his book,
start learning, get a business coach, and start DOING!

Jermaine Washington says:

Interesting video

Azhar Kl says:

what you think what you are talking about? Let me tell great platform its
panxcash the best

upfront MK says:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. With humble Gratitude.

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