The TRUTH about making money on the Internet

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Close Last month I gave a completely uncensored talk at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus. I spoke to a…

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Giuseppe Pipia says:

Jared, you’re just awesome. You may look stubborn, arrogant, and offensive,
but what you really are is honest, clear, and straightforward. And that’s
why you’re successful, and I’m going to try to follow your steps! 

Yuri Alexandre SP-SP says:

the sound is low

bokeflo says:

This has nothing to do with photography but it’s such great information and
so interesting that who cares. Thanks Jared, another great video.

Crystal Forand says:

Great info. I think I’m finally considering square space after hearing you
talk about it more today. 

Steven Rix says:

Your videos are much better than they were 4 years ago. When you are all by
yourself, it’s hard to develop content with good results in a timely
manner. So you know how to choose the right people to help you (Steven) , I
liked much better your videos on the Internet. I started developing videos
in French, I started with a camcorder and it looked ugly. Thanks for
sharing. You also mentioned at the end “take a risk on yourself”, I believe
75% of the new companies die in the 1st year, then some of them keep dying
until the next 5 years. This is what characterize the US compared to other
countries, they take lots of risks to come up with what they want and
sometimes it pays off, sometimes it does not. You have to have money if you
want to make it in business. I would also recommend not to spend more than
10% of your revenues on advertising, and when you start in photography,
start in your basement, or get an apartment with 1 extra room to build your
own studio if you have cold feet.

MarkTheTechGuy says:

I never click on ads at all but if you take a look at what Google did with
making everybody agree that they can track what you do or what you search
on the internet then when you are on a site like YouTube they serve up ads
based on your search history that is smart.

Cesar Abeid says:

As a podcaster/content creator/etc guy myself, I found this delightful.
Fro knows Marketing too. I would love to have you on my show if you got a
minute (more like 30 :)

PeglegMedia says:

what was this shot with? I do a lot of video presentations and cant get a
clear image in a low light setting like this

AdamIvy says:

Hitting them with the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook! Lol.

Kyle Medina says:

Go listen to the first 10min of “The Joe Rogan Experience” on stitcher and
how he plugs his sponsors. Horrible!!

Kevin Aguilar says:

Nice work! Wish I could have been there to ask a question. But, I guess I
can ask it here. Simply put, what does the future hold? Meaning, what do
all your projects/work lead to? I would guess financial stability would be
one goal. But, aside from financial stability, what is the endgame?

George Pop says:

Steve Jobs did all his business deals face to face, he only used phone
calls to yell at people for whatever reasons, but he loved face to face
meetings for important business deals. Also pussyfooting around has been
well, around for a long time…I think it was used in movies in the 60’s
and 70’s so you probably didn’t invent it but your dad probably used it
when you were younger so you started to use it too. I think a lot of people
get into the zone when they shoot, especially sports and wildlife
photographers, you learn to just feel the photo before it happens. I also
have premonitions as well, even a few minutes before something happens, and
unfortunately it’s always about bad stuff not good stuff but that’s life,
learn to deal with it and move on. I also agree about no one being able to
do what you do, I like to teach people photography too since they will
never take the same photo that I take even if we’re both in the same place
at the same time. 

Jonathan Avila says:

I dont usually watch this kind of videos to long, but this one, I watch it
all of it and it was so useful! Thank you!!!!!

Dan Barlow says:

wish we could have a great speaker come into my college! last year we had
zed nelson, a photographer from hackney, london(if you are familliar with
his work) and his words were very inspirational, thanks for this video
jared, youre doing really well with your whole business, please keep it up

EMIP TV says:

I so agree about that there is winners and losers. Own up to losing so you
can become a better winner.

jkatulak says:

Do you guys color correct or color grade your footage for your channel?
Just curious

MaTtaTtAcKk101 says:

Jared, you probably are one of the most inspiring people out their on web.
A few years ago I always walked away from photography when my grandma had
passed way she got me started but its a passion of mine and you helped
relight that flame…not often I would watch an hour and an half video or
someone just speaking. 

Adam Ooi Photography says:

Awesome job Jared + Stephen! Loved it and watched the whole thing due to
it’s high quality content.

andres velez says:

Jared makes so much sense when speaking about photography in general unlike
some on YouTube I choose to leave nameless…lol

John Campbell says:

Officebear: trollololol

Great video Jared. This is the most RAW talk ever.
[and+1 for Gary Vee]

The French Monkey says:

You should do those kind of ”Free Talks” more often!!! Really good talk,
I’m half way through!

Gabriela Lozano says:

Jared im loving this. I’m only half way through but you’ve already given so
much useful info. Hope you post more of these.

Michael Zola says:

Awesome presentation +Jared Polin.

These extended talks are highly inspirational. What a perfect class to
discuss this topic in full. The advice you shared can lead to monumental
leaps in our journey to succeed. Taking action now and always striving for
the best. Being truthful throughout the process is what keeps us going
“above and beyond.”

Justin King says:

Maybe its me…but this is a class in people are snapping pics,flash bashin
shooting videos instead of listening and taking notes. The girl on the
right holding the camera forever. .lol. . Its the Fro hes going to record
it and YouTube it. Geezzz

Jared Polin says:

Last month I gave a completely uncensored talk at the University of South
Florida St. Petersburg campus.

The Photo Show says:

Great talk, incredibly open and honest. Thank you. 

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