The Simpsons Tapped Out: How To Get Fast Money+XP

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Hey guys today im going to show you how i get all my money as fast as i can so i hope this helps you and please like 🙂

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Aron Garcia says:


josh wiese says:

Very fun great time passer add me my in game name is superman5671

How to do's and gaming says:

Fuck off kid

shebet100 says:

I have no gold scrach

TappedOutGamer says:

Thanks everyone 🙂 New video coming today hopefully

StormStudiosUK says:

Nice tips

Khaled Ghabeish says:

Thx helped me a lot 🙂

macbarbie0325 says:

Clever kiddd☆

TappedOutGamer says:

Welcome 🙂

benny fish says:

thanks helps out alot

Elizabeth Cross says:

Add me im SuperMew2

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