Realtor Marketing Ideas Using Video | How to Dominate With Real Estate Internet Marketing

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Close Realtor marketing online is actually very simple if you know which tools to use and exact step-by-step instructions …

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Peggy chhetri says:

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extra money with these efficient profitable methods.

Aligned Right Media says:

Realtors find great uses and results from video marketing and social media
to do their business and network to their niche market. Entrepreneurs and
professionals can be successful in their industry if they are equipped with
the right marketing tools.

Philip Sanko says:

Thanks for checking it out Tim. You rock dude!


Great stuff, thanks for sharing Phil.

Philip Sanko says:

Glad ya like it!

Robert Barber says:

Thanks for the info Philip Sanko!

Philip Sanko says:

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Jon Hilton says:

I just went you a private message Mr. Sanko. I have a few questions if you
don’t mind.

Micheal Smith says:

Thanks for the information Philip.

Sara201225 says:


Philip Sanko says:

I think you’re really going to love it 🙂

TracyFord1000 says:

Signed up for the webinar! Very excited to hear the information!

Dave C. Prosser says:

Excellent Information. Thanks for sharing Phil

Philip Sanko says:

I live near the old airport (Stapleton).

Philip Sanko says:

No prob Micheal.

Philip Sanko says:

No prob at all. Glad ya stopped by 🙂

Jone Titi says:

Exactly what I was looking for. Love the ebook!

Philip Sanko says:

You’re welcome. Glad you stopped by.

Philip Sanko says:

Kinda crazy how many golden nuggets are in that ebook, huh? Let me know if
I can help you out any further!

Virginia4317 says:

Just signed up and got the ebook. Great stuff.

Newton Wood says:

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Lana20123 says:

I like this video Phil. How long have you been doing this type of stuff?

Wilson Rieger says:


Philip Sanko says:

Got your message & replied.

Philip Sanko says:

I got started back in 2011. Kind of crazy that it’s already 2013! Let me
know if I can help you out with anything.

Philip Sanko says:

Thanks Dave!

T. Skinner Allen says:

Great video. By the way, I love the background in your picture… Where in
Denver do you live?

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