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benjamin jon says:

are you insane? let me explain you the great platform search panXCash

Jeaniya Schmidt says:

Where exactly are you located?

Maricela Charo says:

can you also handle social campaigns? 

Paz Raquel says:

Yep…SEO is totally awesome. 

Emilio Andrés says:

I know you!

John Smith says:

I’m confused…

David Haran says:

Just learned about search engine optimization and found this…perfect!

Rosario Lola says:

How technical is this process? Couldn’t we do this ourselves?

Dora Haydée says:

good stuff. thanks.

Natalia Odalis says:

would this work for a large cleveland-based manufacturing company?

Angelina Micaela says:

How about producing and ranking videos? 

Teresa Nidia says:

Is this just “Cleveland SEO” or do you do “Mentor SEO” as well? :)

Alejandra Carla says:

What about Google Local? Can you help us rank that? That’s SEO, right? ©

Marianela Eloísa says:

can you rank multiple sites? 

Amada Luciana says:

How expensive is this going to be? 

Sam Thoper says:

How much time do we have to make for this?

Franki Jack says:


Shara Watson says:

they did it without any rule and did mostly well

Clementina Socorro says:

Not sure we have the budget for this right now. 

Leona Jafer says:

so you’re saying we can use your SEO services to outrank our other
Cleveland competitors?

Aria Franlin says:

will be calling

Franklin Elagon says:

how competitive is ranking in cleveland really?

Richard johnson says:

How much of your service is on-page vs off-page?

Kavin John says:

Cleveland? Bone Thugs…thuggish ruggish SEO. 

Virgilio Eusebio says:

does this really work? 

Luna James says:

What about events? 

Dionisio Heliodoro says:

killer stuff

Lorenzo Reinaldo says:

I like that music in the beginning (and end). 

Aureliano Estavan says:

This will be added to the new years resolutions lol.

Anastasia Carmelita says:

Wasn’t impressed with what one of your competitors had to say…hopefully
your knowledge of SEO will be a bit better :)

Julio Trinidad says:

I’m almost convinced. 

Elvira Macarena says:

Was this made in powerpoint? 

Sharaf Laken says:

Would an antique store in Cleveland benefit from this?

Janifer wood says:

My cousin might be interested in your SEO services. He’s from Cleveland.

Plinio Luciano says:


Feliciana Maritza says:

Not bad. 

Jeyna Willton says:

What about SEO for Westlake?

Ángel Josemaría says:

maybe something to look at

Jarin Franandas says:

This is for greater Cleveland? Suburbs too?

Elina Smith says:

What software do you use to make a video like this?

Jack Parker says:

We’re in the process of redoing the website…maybe after that?

Zarim Given says:

Great…another thing on my plate

Kayli Organ says:

how much time did it take you to make this? is it part of your seo

Adrián Vasco says:

What about events? 

Magdalena Dania says:

I hate search engines…never know what they want

Maritza Nereida says:

Would you be willing to work alongside another company? We have a design
company we work with and are happy with. But we want to push SEO going

Diyna Phachum says:

I love lamp!

Baranda Warson says:

How long until we can start seeing results with a service like this? 

Claudia Noelia says:

What happens once you get the rankings you want?

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