Need For Speed World: How to get fast simple money/reputation.

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Hey guys! This is a little way that I found out to get simple fast money. Doesn’t require that much! I made over 10k doing this, so have fun. Go to my channe…

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TheSpiderJem says:

I know a better way. Go to Downtown Rockport. Start a singleplayer Pursuit.
Take the cops as long as you want on the highway. When you think you earned
enough cash try to shake them.

Jarod Thaler says:

I read the comment of the person on the side asking why everyone was
fucking spanish. I want to know the same thing. No offense to all spanish
people out there though.

DCMeGaMaxX says:

have a car for every class E, D, C, B, A, S
have 1 car for dragging
have 1 car for pursuits
have 1 car for normal racing sprints and circuits
have 1 car for treasure hunts
have 1 car for team escapes
make sure that you check your skills per car!

MorfarZXZ says:

That’s probably, because EA really like to make it hard for the players to
get cash.

Mikey Drake says:

lvling up to get more stuff… and new cars, vinyl etc.

Tomislav Čižić says:

not this just pass 10 times team escape and you have 300k

jarod james says:

nice car dude

karam league says:

i buy 100% + money every round i get like 9k money

Morik says:

my favourite song *-*

Justina Paukstyte says:

The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

kevin lopez says:

thats why then because i play every day fin but any ways i like to old nfsw

Brad123127 says:

There are none? Wow, time has passed since I have last played this…

OfficialSKILLSTEP says:

in any team escape can you get a lot of money and reputation

xXMidniteDynamitexX says:

Then NFSW changed! This video is outdated then.

Christopher Wang says:

you know there are actual pursuit events, right

Elliott Clark says:

it sucks how theres no cops on free roam anymore i could get serious cash
if there were

LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

lol sweet song

Teun Mul says:

reputation is xp, if u levelup to lvl 20 you get new stickers and if your
level 35 you get camo for your car etc

MaEiTea321 says:

last song?

xXMidniteDynamitexX says:

You need to go outside the stadium and wait on the road. Police cars come
by, and just bump on them and return to the stadium to finish the pursuit.

kevin lopez says:

how do you get the cops on you i dont get that

Ahmed Mehdi says:

I take 20k each poursuit evade + 5000 rep guys !! just play it with your
friend and try to finish together the race

Mario says:

name of the song?

Stefan Djurovic says:

can anyone tell me what the reputation is good for? im new at the game!
please tell me thxx

vincent van os says:

show me how to mute the music is so muted

Douglas C.White says:

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