MineCraft: How to get money fast on an OP Prison Server ( All Versions )

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NO COPYRIGHT INFRAGMENT INTENTED I Hope U Guys Liked It 😀 I Would Really Appreciate A Sub And Like It Only Takes 1.15 Seconds 🙂 If u Guys Have Spotted Any Mistakes Feel Free To …

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DemetrixFang says:

Thnx Flaming

Synergy_ Tedy says:

im a co leader of the server i play legit though

EpicnessKings says:

What’s the texture pack

DemetrixFang says:

Guys it’s not the starter pick

Mr.Awesome4553 says:

And I’m a new youtuber do you have anything to help me grow

Synergy_ Tedy says:

what rank are you im S

Ronald Burleson says:

What’s the updated ip address

Ronald Burleson says:

Demetrix u Da bomb I subscribed man keep it up

emil fylkesnes says:

we didnt get the ip for the server

QuackLovesGaming123 says:

What people ck is it

TheFlaming Arrow says:

Love the intro!!! :)

Chispies says:

Hey man hows it going, mind sharing the texture pack me?

Joel Lopez says:

is the pick a starter pick or what?

Trenton Elsey says:

whats the ip

Le_ Trickz says:

whats the ip

Antonio Morariu says:

mc.scworks.us – 1.8.1

Ronald Burleson says:

Dude but demetrix do u know what the 1.8.1 ip address is 

ElDiamond D says:

Hey Im starting to make my videos on YouTube would you like to help me I
would like to be in one of them help you discover things and do fun things
for our subscribers if your interested please message me back I want to
play and post videos already thanks 😀 (my pc name is ElDiamondD_18)

Jalen Willis says:

texture pack? pleassee

Nga Pok Justin Leung says:

Guys can i make a OP selling shop.in my own plot so that i can sell my own

Kylie T says:

what is the server he is on called

DemetrixFang says:

@Glendaand What’s ur IGN?

施鴨血 says:

in mineverse my inventory got fill like 10 sec……

iNFamousA says:

The intro got me a headache :/ 

I mason says:

whats the ip?

Åsa Cannon says:

whats the ip i sounds fun

NotAGamer v.p says:

1:44 you can this op then check out arkhamnetwork omg that server is the

Ronald Burleson says:

Does it work for u still

Joseph Phard says:

what is the ip

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