Making Money With Email Marketing & Internet Marketing

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LINK: True, if you want to make money online the money is in “The List”. You will hear that again & again but it’s very important to build & maintain a good…

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danny5467 says:

thanks king human i have created my own product, will be selling on amazon
in a few days cant wait to see what happens. 

RamPam says:

did anyone try the Super List Method? if so was is worth it.

zerofatzreturns says:

Super List Method was a good recommendation man. Really cool product.

Cheeky Saver says:

Hey I hope you feel better and that your brain cells recover fast LOL :)

Douglas Allen says:

hmm Is it worth the risk to buy the Super List Method?

Jayde Ash says:

First ,,Hey Dave….

Brenda Trott says:

Sorry I missed you in sin city:)

Danielsgamingchanne1 says:

with the super list money program what are you selling is it linked to ebay
is it legal what he is doing??
what products do you sell using it??

please let me know 

killer3701 says:

Well im getting it on paydau hopefully its still there

Thomas Downer says:

You sir are my new hero +KingHuman 

Jorge Gonzalez says:

Welcome back sir!

Dylan Harper says:

King I appreciate the language you use in your videos, you use replacement
words and it makes it comforting to watch your videos always. Keep it up.

KEN5423 says:

LOL…..I was munchin on bbq potato chips while watching this.

Azonide Zercon says:

the link is out for free if you just google it.

Norbie Mazorra says:

I finally got the video and also subscribed to their site. It’s definitely
a good product for a newbie like me.

Kamatograph L says:

Wat the fucking bullshit is this? Forex is the answer for success not this
other crap! Flip your hammburgers you idiots you!

jerome caplan says:

I want to go to school for ROCKET SURGERY!!

Luis Reyes says:

Stop giving KH thumbs down for his videos. If you haven’t found any of his
content helpful, you need to wake up. Stop the ungratefulness, KH is paving
the way for us.


gil baller says:

KH, Thanks for your updates. Always ahead of the curve with your

Dennis says:

Hey KH,

Great video’s!
Question: Can you make another video about stocks and investing your money
when you’ve made it via internet. Caus I’m wondering how to make my money
work for me.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


Jorge Gonzalez says:

Welcome back sir!

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