Internet Money Drum Kit – Taz Taylor

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Taz Taylor Beats – InternetMoney Drum Kit. Purchase Here – Over 100+ HQ Custom sounds.

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CTK the DON says:

is this the drumkit you use?

Wonderlust Beats says:

Is this that Internet money drum kit 

Tha Trouble Makers says:

Happy with my purchase so far.

Richie Beatz Entertainment. says:

im getting Mjnichols, Taz, The beat plu and Xavier Jordana kit next week.

ExclusiveTV says:

What’s the name of beat bro 

oYoungVisionary says:

How’d you do that gfx work bro? Really need to know cuz I’m releasing my
kit aswell 

Jaan Paunic says:

How much is the kit?

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