How To Make Money On YouTube (4 Simple Strategies)

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How to Make Money on YouTube: In this video, James Wedmore discusses the FOUR simple strategies for actually monet…

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Raed Darouaz says:

Interesting but it need a lot of time and effort and i don’t think that it
works for beginners , I think that the secret of making money online is
“The Translator Jobs” , It’s easy and fast , so guys if you want to make
real money , check the Real Translator Jobs , you’ll remember this comment
all the rest of your life…beleive me , good luck guys

Julie Becker says:

Hey James! Love your vids! :)

Joeyblondewolf2 says:

Dude an extra $500 a month sounds nice. Shit any extra money I’ll take it! 

ExperiencedGhost says:

not interested freemason guy !

TheRazerEyes says:

James Can you Help me ?

Mrs.SPARKLES! says:

For step 3, if I did a review on a product how to I like show a link or get
money for it? My friend did a review on I think a powder from some make up
company but she never got any money.

Alison Nash says:

James, you are a GENUIS! Thanks for posting this!

Gaurav Agarwal says:

+James Wedmore Great!! Last thing I waana say …….. “You are AWESOME”

CardmanG says:

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud, After 2 goes 3.LOL

ivon marcus says:

One of the best strategy to earn money on *YOUTUBE* is by just uploading
videos. Here how it works *MoneyOnTube. com*

hvf26 says:

Haha a video on how to make money on youtube with you making money and
using those strategies at the end. moneyception

Tan VicTor says:

Woah. $500.. That kinda alot in Malaysia :3 $500 X 3.6 = Rm1.8k

Telex Angkor says:

Make money fast with Wingsnetwork

JurassicFilmsCo says:

adsense is good if you are under 18 because its enough to get pocket money!

kyleyo9 says:

Why are there so many spam links to survey websites!!! People watching this
video don’t care about taking a stupid survey, they just want to know how
they can make money off of their YouTube channel.

FastestIntegra says:

Can I make more than one channel and post my same videos on them and make
money on both Channels or just the one?
I have been posting all my videos on my main channel
FastestIntegra that channel
is doing OK. I want to start posting my Jeep stuff on my new channel
“Grand Cherokee Fans”

Can I Monetize the same videos on both Channels?

Himanshu Panwar says:

how much you earn from this video

Eduardo Arostegui says:

Thanks for the tips that transmits to us, are very important. I was
wondering if you think it’s possible to make a video with two languages
​​in explaining, repeating the lines? Would work?

Pizzaronigaming says:

you laugh like stampylongnose

Vivek footy says:

So fuvking irritating

HighOnSurfacePro says:

You coudve mentioned adfly and linkbucks

Utkarsh Singh says:

i didn’t see any information at the bottom of the screen in the end coz I
had Adblock… :P

babylon gate says:

He don’t know what he’s talking about

Keo Andell says:

Im helping run a small film production called titanium joystick and we are
starting to get into machenimas, how old do we need to be to make money?

TheEnigma28 says:

Since I’m only starting out, I might Monitorise my videos.

Filip Matković says:

Thank you sir, I am planing to build a YouTube channel,and your pro tips
gave me some ideas ans surelly helped a lot…..sooo thank you :D

Jacob Bakalik says:

Can’t monetize on games gameplay:(

Ayden Berner says:

good job!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landon Wilson says:

What if ur account is not popular

CartoonHeroTGM says:

I’m just saying half the time there are ads, people just skip or wait til
the end

Lghting Mistic says:

What about for the young YouTubers like 13 or 12 how are they or me selling
stuff to get money?

Fazie Player says:

ok….the last thing to make money….how do i get to signup ? 😀
please reply :)

santosh Rana says:

hi bro please see my videos on san5dubai and give some tips to earn online 

RealReviews WithAshley says:

This is a great video, very informational

Xander Chia says:

Pewds earn thousands of $

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