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Some of us just want to make some extra money, here are 5 ways to make money on the internet, from youtube to blogging these are some my tips I really hope this helps some of you! Earn cash…

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Patricia Bright says:

For all my people who are interested in finding out some ways that you
could make some extra cash online! I hope this helps you, and if you know
some other good ways share below! Also don’t forget to join me for my Live
chat tonight at 8pm (GMT) on this channel xx

Caprice Foster says:

it satisfies me very much that this video is exactly 10 minutes long

iloveu975 says:

Girl, this is why we all LOVE you. You’re so real and cut the bullshit
completely, you’re not afraid to say the truth that so many people try hard
to keep hidden in order to remain ‘politically correct’ I admire you a lot,
and hope you stay as amazing as you are, forever!!!

rikolog says:

Patricia, I don’t usually write comments but I just want to thank you so
much for blessing me with this information, I truly believe that God is
using you to enhance the lives others! 

Lauren Goodall says:

You have such a great way of talking to the camera, i feel like you’re
actually talking to me! I love your videos so much !

Dolly bow bow Kate Murnane says:

This is fab lovely! Such a brilliant, informative video!

philigall20 says:

Shame how Youtubers can’t say exactly how much they are making form their
youtube, sponsorships, blogging and whatever other things they are making
money from. 

EMZsings says:

This is so helpful Patricia! I’ve had to make youtube my job now as getting
a job in Glasgow for me seems to be impossible! All the other things you
mentioned are definitely on my to do list! Thanks so much for this!
Emily xo

Zülal Angun says:

This video was really motivating

SoulStyleBeauty says:

Thank you for sharing girl. Now we all can get that MON-NEY!!! lol<3

Andrea's World says:

I LOVE this video patricia! I think these advice video’s are even better
than your fashion and beauty ones! Ever thought about becoming a TV host?
Keep op the good work! 

Foolproof Makeup says:

Great video! But I have to disagree that you don’t need money to start a
youtube channel… If you wanna make good high quality videos (and honestly
now it’s really difficult to attract viewers if you don’t have high quality
since almost everyone has that) you need quite a lot of money…Camera,
lights, editing software, look etc., nothing is free. I started making
videos even though I don’t have much money, I’m filming in daylight with an
old camera that accepts only 512MB cards etc and the quality is well not
good to be honest and people obviously prefer videos made with good quality
so..Kinda hard to be successful on youtube without already having some

Keshia Liverpool says:

Patricia where is your top from????

Duchess of Fashion says:

Great video Patricia! Loved it!!! I do both YouTube & blogging but havent
earned anything LOL! xoxo

Rachel1985 says:

Thanks for the links and info 🙂
xoxo from Valencia <3

Charlotte Mulcahy says:

You have to be 18 to have adsense :)

lici whiteley says:

Great tips Patricia! Thanks for caring enough to share

Kaye Kiernan says:

Hi guys! I’ve just uploaded a new cover. Feel free to have a listen 🙂 

SyddiBee says:

This is very helpful! Thank you (:

Serafina ♡ says:

Amazing content Patricia! Thanks for always sharing these fantastic

hoodz a says:

Patricia you are so smart and helpful. Oh and you’ve passed the half a
million point!!! 

Jennie fire says:

Thank you so much I forgot the name of opinion outpost and I couldn’t
remember who told me about it either x

Gloria L'Heroo-in says:


ruth fowkes says:

You are such a saint for this video , there are so many people out there
who need videos like this to push and inspire them , money does make the
world go round , and without it people feel such shame and the ‘rut’ can be
painful and demoralising , as well as knocking your confidence down , with
people like you , your giving those people a light at the end of a dark
tunnel , this means more to me than any haul or product video , this is
real life and what real people can do to make a living , videos like this
should be praised and honoured , bcoz your job and livelihood is livable
and reachable to others , they’ve just got to want to do it … big love
girl ! Xx 

1Tanedra says:

Are you using an external mic? The sound is a bit different..

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