How to Make Money on RuneScape Fast — 2013-2014+ F2P

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How to Make Money on RuneScape Fast — 2012-2013+ F2P This will work probably forever! Profit can be up to 5M a day. Maybe even more if you’re quick!

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Valter Omerović says:

you can buy air runes in the rune shop (17gp each) and sell them at ge for
43 gp each

danny Darwin says:


bart akkermans says:

I dont get anymore pastery dough on the G.E.

Henk Van Boven says:


rigoberto sevillano says:


trey waldron says:

thats ok i guess ;)

LoSeNation says:


Cogcrew Grey says:

If you don’t want to pay money for those at the G.E, you can increase
cooking to 32 [Easy one day] then go to the cooking guild nearby, and get
those supplies.

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

*Note* You can also tan dragon hides. 🙂

Gregory Barnhouse says:

omfg thats boss

Agustin Sarro says:

how i hate when items don’t buy/sell instantly

Ian Brimson says:

but it still works very well! 😀

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

That amount was just as an example. Buy it in bigger loads and you should
see loads of cash. 🙂

Chuck Norris says:

nice guide i’d like to squeeze your Tuts if thats ok with you

TheAtrix316 says:

All u made in that was like 10k

TheAmericancheeze says:

hey fuck you why are you posting fucking stupid comments? YOU came here to
look for ways to make money, you shithead he is showing us how to do that

TheAmericancheeze says:

this is an amazing money making method for my 2nd account, thanks 🙂

goldvalor2 says:

Its beetween 12k-13k profit eh… Its okayish

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

Yes actually. :S

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

I know, it’s so annoying -.- Thanks though! 🙂

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

Mmm. and thank you everyone. <3

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

Obviously, you have NO patience whatsoever. I make at least 1m an hour with
this method. You don’t have to do that. Find your own ways to make money
that is legitimately 1m/h.

Ssenmodnar says:

Wait people play EOC?

alex martinez says:

seems like i can only buy 100 pie dishes

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

Thank you everyone for helping me reach over 2k views. 🙂

Ian Brimson says:

it takes for EVAR to buy the pie dishes I put it at 15 000 it still no come
instantly >:O

Chuck Norris says:

hi im Prince

TotalThunderz says:

lol all the spam comments anyway nice vid

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

Be sure to check out my new channel, Shockotic <3

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

Thank you for over 3K views! :O

Has645 says:

this idea is good but i’ve seen before plus pie shells don’t sell :/

Subscribe To Shockotic says:

:/ That sucks. You might want to buy a ton while your at school or work.
Sometimes it takes a while to buy and sell. I’m probably going to make a
new one in the near future. 🙂

TheAmericancheeze says:

hi im king

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