How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager & Kid!

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How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager & Kid! CAN WE GET THIS 2000+ LIKES?!?! My Previous Video➜ THUMBS up for more HOW TO videos! NEW VIDEOS every Saturday & Monday!…

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elliesomers101 says:

please do a part 2 <3 

Yasmene Horshaw says:

Yes part two !! :D

burgdogs1 says:

Please make a part two

bethsbeauty23 says:

part two please

kinne johnson says:

Part 2!!!

Frida Marie Berg says:

Thanks for the tips, it really helped me! 😀 YES to a part 2

Mary star says:

Yes do a part 2!

Claire bear says:

Part 2 ! Please yes!!

mariebeauty7 says:

yess part 2 ❤️❤️❤️

Ashly Maldonado says:

please part 2

michelle cardona says:

Part 2 please

Cora Lynn says:

Part 2

25janth says:

Omg your so pretty and so helpful that’s for the tips 

Jasmine Niya says:

You always come up with good ideas

LilysPassion says:

So helpful!! Thanks! Love your hair! 🙂 

Aryssa Taylor says:

Part 2 please :)

craycray4lps says:

Part 2

Brismarthe Koroma says:

I love you so much!! You liked me instagram picture I posted of you
yesterday :))
You’re perfect

briana recher says:

Yes u should do a part 2

Faith Sloop says:

Pt 2 please

lindsay brown says:

Part 2

LpsGeek says:

@krazyrayray already did this

Emily Carroll says:

Part 2 Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie Higgins says:


RitaOneDRita says:

Loved this video! Would love a part 2! 🙂 

Helen Proctor says:

Defiantly do a part 2 please this one was really helpful

mtothez says:

thank you, I like how you said “save up for college”, def great for kids
who watch your videos so they know about priorities :)

genevieve barth says:

Part 2

beautybygina14 says:

the tables turned when you said “they might be like yo babysit my kids… and
they don’t have any kids” XD

Betsy Chambers says:

Part two please! 

BeautyAngelsForever says:

I usally use up my money at aritzia orrrr tims ands starbucks

Daniela Lopez says:

Yes can you make a part two video pleas thank you you are the best and
soooooo nice and beautiful and amazing thanks Julia -Daniela 

Ella Mai says:

Please part 2

Zes Zaza says:

Part 2 plzzz I really need help 

XxKaylaluvsyouxX says:

I got $150 for babysitting a little yorkie for 9 days a few weeks ago :)

Hannah Angus says:

Your hair looks so cute

Mary Chiejina says:

Part 2 plz

BeautyMaster07 says:


PriiJayy05 says:

please do a part 2 <3 loveyouu xo

Sarah Rhodes says:

Part two please

Kylie Stanley says:

Definitely make a part 2!!!

monasongful says:

This was super healthful, Julia!

Hannah Barlex says:

thankyou so much!! love you!! xxx

prettygaby18 says:

How come you put Sarai as one of your keywords lol

luz chavez says:


Annie Tan says:

Do part 2 please!

rainbow6758 says:

Can u say some for like 11 year olds or something? Btw awesome video

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