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trendysongs14 says:

Easy way to make money. Download the app FeaturePoints here Then all you do is download games, and other apps
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ODanboy says:

What a load of Bull5hit, how do you get them actors to get involved. It is
misleading and takes advantage of vulnerable deperate people who are even
close to suicide. its morally wrong.

Tripsclips says:

is this thing over yet? im 14 and could use some extra money to support my

Noreliza Noordin says:

shop anything u like and get CASH BACK…join for free here…

Vikk Read says:

Any 14 year olds make millions from this yet

Ryan Gamer says:

CAN YOU GIVE ME MY 20 minutes back please?

Antonio Santo says:

You could start with showing your “Chauffeur” on how to make millions…haha
I am pretty sure he must be on a crap wage.
Think man, just F**** think, B4 you make these videos…..

Adam Beaton says:

Dear Mr. Gates

I watched through your whole video to find out how to make quick easy money
but there was not one moment throughout this video where it would help me
make money. I am 14 years old and it would help a lot if you could help me
help my family with financial issues. Please help me Mr. Gates.

cheers Adam Beaton :)

beatMY power says:

I’m fucking ten I don’t have a bank

Cezar Cruz says:

They make like that I make like this and easy and fast cuz is me you know
lol look

Brilannnd_ says:

Use and make $25 just for signing up! I use
it, it’s fast free and easy. Check it out 

ODanboy says:

Put the guys name in Google and the word SCAM comes up next to it.

Gabriella Kat says:

Use this site to make fast and easy money for FREE!!!

Tyler Kauffman says:

Your are going to be fired for taking my skype

walkietalkieguy says:

you cut the video short

Brannion Hollins says:

Payripo is a Scam!

Nuno Oliveira says:


jenkins obiefule says:

best way to make money fast

Omar Greene says:

make extra money shore thing

ExtremeGamingVidz+More says:

the limo is waiting for u

rochelle trantham says:

He didn’t land in Redding CA. What a load of bs

ExtremeGamingVidz+More says:

so whats the Skype ha

Stephanie Smith says: << to tht website you will earn tonss of cash

Sky PacTV says:

seems like bullshit to me

Mohamed B says:

can i plz get help how to do it like is there a website i have to go to

Matthew Siggins says:

Yenta is it called

Big Daddy says:

shit never did show how

Canadian Gold says:

Same here I need money 

Passive Currency says:

Check out for ways to make a passive income
straight from the comfort of your home :).

Cynthia Torrence says:


michael nakahara says:


Kwame Amoako says:


Littleboy hic says:

i fell like this is a lie :I

Lalit Gurung says:

what you think what you are talking about? Let me tell best method its
panxcash the best

chinhvp quang says:

This website is great. You do NOT get rich overnight when i have a few
minutes i complete a video or play a game and get a few points. Its not a
scam and they dont spam your email. It works and is completely free you
dont need paypal or a credit card. 

quang hoang says:

I would like to know and need helps?
Thank you 

Cristiano Ronaldo my idol says:

Andy I didn’t spend money on anything else like you are thinking. Just the
software and stuff… But the great thing about the tube cash code system is
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They have 2 weekly live webinars where guest coaches who have made millions
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I have attended all their previous webinars and they were simply great. You
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You people should get this thing as soon as you can. They will be having
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I am still making good amount of money and I’m thinking to leave my job at
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quang hoang says:

Dear Corey,
Is there any option to purchase for the system when I have no Credit Card?
Transfer with Bank or Your account,
Because I see the Purchase order system is with out other option , just
only for Credit card?
I would like to know and need helps?
Thank you .

patrascu florea says:

This is a revolutionary way to make money free, after a few monts you can
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Mạnh Quân Vũ says:

Thank ! That Great

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