How to: Make Money as a Kid or Teen – How to get on the right Path

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We will Actually walk you through making money – Change your Future – Be different, Make money This is the first video in the series of: How to Make Money We…

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Kids Money says:

Thanks so much! +Lesley Lambert ´╗┐

Kids Money says:

­čÖé Thanks ­čÖé +Amy Pomeroy ´╗┐

Mackenzie201 says:

Thanks this is TOTALLY the best video! I’m saving up with my brother for 3
or 2 guinea pigs and this is really really helpful´╗┐

John Boulanger says:

That is a great video and I’m sure you will help a lot of young people to
get started on a life long journey of being a smart consumer and saver´╗┐

Dr.Hitch says:

This is the best video by far! It is a must see and can not wait to see
more videos on this channel.´╗┐

Lesley Lambert says:

You girls are totally inspirational! By the way, you didn’t ask me, but I
probably have some work for you :)´╗┐

Gabbi Anderson says:

this is the best video out there. great tips, i tried them out.´╗┐

Chiyo Guillotte says:

Alexander do u remember me I go to stm ´╗┐

bandmeup101 says:

I watched a lot of videos on making money and this is the best one that I
have seen. Thanks it’s awesome!´╗┐

Kim Sampson says:

I showed your video to my 12 yr old daughter and she loved it, GREAT JOB!!´╗┐

Ola Here says:

I love this video! I learned so much! Thanks :)´╗┐

free3bay says:

Keep up the goog work – it’s nice to see people still putting the effort in
for others to see.´╗┐

Joel Febles says:

I mostly clean my room but I don’t get money. But this is a great video

Amy Pomeroy says:

Emma says “I liked it”
Bryan says “I like your hat”´╗┐

Kristine Cigal says:

Awesome video! I had Clayton watch it and hopefully he learns some tips
from you guys. Keep it up, we cannot wait to see more! :)´╗┐

Ricci Bracelets says:

Thanks so much I learned so much :)´╗┐

Lily Anderson says:

Wow great & informative video!!!´╗┐

Katelyn P says:

Awesome video make more please!!!!!´╗┐

Syriah Houlder says:

You guys are amazing I learned so much! Can you make a video on how to make
money in the winter ?´╗┐

iimrawesomeii says:

This is brilliant

Aviyah Voloshyna says:

Clean rooms´╗┐

Ezi Ezma says:

Great idea to make this video. Greetings from Poland´╗┐

Aleks Zuzu says:

Very helpful! Thanks!´╗┐

Lesley Lambert says:

Young entrepreneurs are so impressive- #westernma´╗┐

TS Elliott says:

Young entrepreneurs are so impressive- #westernma´╗┐

Logz Hitcherson says:

Great Great Great!!!!!´╗┐

L4lux says:

Especially liked your creative ideas for ‘working’. Well Done!´╗┐

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