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shotym34 says:

Ziprecruiter close my account down so fast. They said it was spam. Plus you
only get a four day trail to use..After that it cost $299 a month.
Ziprecruiter sucks!

Neubis2008 says:

Be carefull with Zip recruiter, they require a creditcard and will charge
you a thousand bucks after trial.

Dametrius Brown says:

We are a company looking for qualified individual to help out with writing
tasks such as

-short stories

-movie scripts

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-news feed

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-Research new products and services with the relation to the consumers

-Brand messages with reaching a large online audience

You’ll have the opportunity to work big name companies and popular websites
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-High school education/graduate/ GED and if you don’t have a Degree No
Problem You don’t need any experience we will teach you

This a part-time/full-time job depending on your availability .Hours are
flexible from 10 to 40 hours per week travel is not required pay is discuss
via communication after application process please email with your full name and resume.we will contact you
shortly after within 24 hours

fantage youwishyouareme says:

Just check this website out
It works! seriously it does, i got 105$ and i just had my account 2 days
ago. You don’t need credit card if you try to sign up.

Kctheboss101 says:

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Yassine Moti says: this one is too much

sunitha mohan says:

Socialmediabarbar not working..tell be to contact u

spy kids says:

I think that all waste of time, no pain no gain follow this. my blogs

Tyson Savas says:

Is thre an australian version for zip recruiter .com

innocent denis says:

is Nigerians allowed to do this business

AYOUB GX says:

thanks man ….

MsLolly122 says:

on Android
I’m using appKarma on Android to EARN GIFT CARDS while discovering new
apps. Enter (lolly122) when you sign up to get 500 pts. Help me earn an
invite bonus by reaching 1000 points! Thanks

spy kids says:


Sala Hudeen says:

yeah that social media bar is not light anymore what other site is there
thats free or low cost…

AYOUB GX says:

how to viral this… give me the link!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie Grey says: you can use this instead of socialmediabar

Douglas Kibugu says:

socialmediabar won’t work ,what website should i use instead?

Maggie Smith says:

Socialmediabar does not work anymore. IS there another website or can you
just skip this step. how soon do you see results with this. Can I contact
you for more help ?

Iwoyna Lynne says:

This looks like a very simple way to make money. Seems legit too because
you’re not paying anything to post or anything like that. Well done, thank
you. :)

Harriet G J says:

Thank you

llyistheshet thompson says:

hey can you give me some good easy advice to get money with no work please
i am in sereous debt ihave tried every thing and its all a let down please

Houssem Hammami says:

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