How To Make a Blog – Step by Step for Beginners!

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Close Learn how to create a blog step by step for beginners! In this video I show you how to make a blog website using the same technology as fortune 500 companies. This will show…

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Mcgraw Martine says:

I did all the step until where you have to wait 2-4 hours to click on
(here) … its been 13 hours now and still not working! didn’t get any
e-mail saying that it’s ready!

Riko Rich says:

Im really motivated from watching your video. Thank you for sharing. 

Ahmed Tahir says:

Excellent indeed! Good workTyler!

Let's Build WordPress says:

Great video!

David Lopez says:

You are the man!!! Very well explained video.

Roscoe foster says:

Just a quick question. I installed the contact plugin and page just like
you have. The email message was sent but still no email in my inbox? any
idea’s please?

Cindee Smith says:

Fantastic looking forward to building my site with host gator 

BeautyByAndriana says:

I’m trying to add a featured slider to my blog, but I can’t find the option
for it. Are there specific themes that I can only use with it?

Bikrant Karki says:

loved it thanks for a great tutorial.

C.Thomas Rhoades says:

i like it

Bryan Strickland says:

Phenomenal Tutorial Tyler

Idle Koala says:

does anyone know if you can change the font of the title?

jhunmc1220 says:

Thank you tyler, i’ve been looking for this my entire life! Now i can make
my own website through your video!

momntyme says:

Thanks for this great video. I will try this out. I am a beginner’s
beginner so will see how this goes for me. Later I will come back and let
you know if I sunk or swam. 

Josh Krier says:

Wow you make some amazing videos my friend! Keep up the great work! 

Philip Worthalotos says:

Thanks SO much Tyler. What a great tutorial… I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING…

Nick Buck says:

Hi.. .great video. Being UK based does it make any difference using a US

darienlake says:

thanks Tyler! i cant wait to make my blog.

QUESTION: can i edit my blog before it propagates? i see from other
comments that process will take a while (mine’s been over 4 hours). I was
wondering if i can start to make the blog in the meantime, while i am
waiting for it to propagate.

Clarence Leverette says:

Thanks, Tyler. This was very informative and easy to follow. I will rerun
to apply the suggestions to my site. Thanks again.

Junalyn Embolode says:

Thank you for the information you’ve shared to me Tyler 🙂
Such a simple to follow and very informative tutorial you’ve done to make
life easier :-)

Internet Marketing / Entrepreneurship says:

Greeting Tyler,

How do I get the featured slider for the catch theme?

Gabrielle Ortega says:

Thank you, great video. Quick question… how do I check my website traffic
and statistics? 

CarleenMarleen shafferTheDivas says:

thank you for this video!!!!!

Evie BxxB says:

Is it possible to make a blog on a ipod/iPad 

Luke Armandt says:

do i have to buy the pro version to get the featured slider option? Awesome
detailed video thanks a bunch for that!

Trang Ho says:

Thank you so much for what you have done. Great job!

Heaven Arredondo says:

Hi Tyler! I just have a question about the registration. I’ve had two
people register for my website what does that mean and should I turn that
option off?

Emma Valeris says:

Do I have to have a domain name with godaddy first?

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