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Make Money Online says:

Some sites have changed since I shot the video but you can click the link
below if you want to make money online!

FireAntzBlazing says:

socialmediabar website don’t work anymore can we skip that part

IntigeeOfficial says:

This is pretty fucked up lol but it would clearly work

AnimeKetsu86 says:

How would I use the money? I’m currently trying to make money for a gaming
pc. Also how much have you made so far?

James Percell says:

hey now he sound real, hey man can you help me.

Jason Thomas says:

socialmediabar isnt online anymore? any other websites like it?

Kenyon Butler says:

Its not free if you have to pay a $100 monthly fee…

Ganeshkumar B says:

Hey Jonathan.. truly an informative video minus the emotional stories and
download my ebook stuff. Appreciate your effort.

Just couple of Qs:
1. Why was the viral link created using social media bar? I dint get the
explanation for that. I mean what if the hoplink itself was posted on
ziprecruiter? Can u pls explain this part as the video didnt have tht

2. Is there a way to connect with you apart from subscribing to your
channel which i will..

Thanks again

haziq Ali says:

HELLO i want to work with you i m new in this work and want to work can you
please send your mail id or skype id so i can talk with you

Habbo Triplex says:

Thats f**** simple… I had to work but now…

TheManGLittles says:

Holy shit man. I got to give this a try! Two thumbs up. Looks easy as hell.
If it works I will definitely fuck with you.

matt darling says:

your full of shit I have click bank and I get paid .02 cents you liying

mujibG Jackson says:

Hey great video man how can find more job site such as social media bar ???

Emmanuel Saira says:

LoL!!! Nigga You Trippin! Bang!! This is messed up!!

Connie Messer says:

Socialmediabar is not available what other site can I use?

Beyond Compare says:

Make easy money fast online click this link it’s easy get started!!

Empower Dayma says:

best i am making abut 100$ an hour with this

mpreyesmr says:

Sounds interesting. Will try it out.

Connie Messer says:

you rock, thanks for the amazing video!!!!!!

Sean Swanick says:

Best money making thing on the internet

Belinda Whitmore says:

social media bar does not come up, some ad comes up

Keder Cormier says:

I enjoyed your video… I’m excited I subscribed to your channel

Time To Inspire!! says:

Has anyone gotten any results with this??? 

Jake Leausa says:

Hey bro how do u get another social media site to make you’re stuff go
viral because socialmediabar is now a different site.

Jimmy Diaz says:

Social media bar doesnt exist it open some crazy stuff about gamer babes
… whats the deal is this real or a scam??

job listings says:

Just skip the socialmediabar step and do everything else

Sotiris cube says:

socialbar exicts only in your dream, thubs down for u man

Zen Niezz says:

hey men. can you send me the link?
i can’t find them.
please men.

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