HOW TO: Get Rich on ANY Minecraft server! Easy money tutorial!

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Saldoesminecraft101 says:

Ip and texture pack???

blackblur9000 says:

/f map -.-

Patrick Jenner says:

Greaser Army thx for the tips they really came in handy

Jacob Wubz says:

———– Greaser Army ———–
Thanks For The
Tips! :)

Ashton Benning says:

and what texturepack?

Mikki Evensen says:

Alphas pvp texture pack is a good pvp texturepack

chris dobbs says:

What’s the texture pack ?

rj bender says:

This is gay

Maksym relitator says:

What server is this?

AzizHD says:

Texturepack? Plz

ryan kelly says:

Greaser army? Lol 

Jordan Marquez says:


bruno maia says:

What’s the ip????

Pamandthemike says:

Also u can get a job!hehehe!!

Ashton Benning says:

what server was that at the start?

Zarlden Fire says:

whats the texture pack

GAMEDUDE540 says:

do u hav the free fraps or the paid one?

James Bramley says:

thanks man, real good tutorial, can you put the next episode in the
description, i cant find the next episode

Caleb Cahill says:

greaser army

Lukas Karlsson says:

Server ip?

DutchGamingHD says:

whats that texurepack? do it in de descriptsjen

Noah Shute says:

server ip

Max Ridley says:

Resource pack?

Sally Marroni says:

wat is the server ip

daniel penton says:


Dillion Brown says:

Wow. That is the first vid that has actually helped me

MetabolicZone says:

server ip? +MasonGaming1337 ~ Road to 10k! 

dylan white says:

Nice farm

Maksym relitator says:

Nice vid

daniel penton says:

But I found a way that makes me 7k every 2 mins without scamming or
anything :)

daniel penton says:

Actually maybe 1 min 30 and it’s guaranteed 

GoopesPVP | Road To 100 SUBZ FTW !!!! says:


MushyPvP says:

Wheres is the water do you can´t make a pumpkin farm without water can you?

TheFluffyBunnyPeople says:

Im disappointed in you I believe that you have great skill in PvP ad
raiding but need your vids to be new and exiting and have something for us
to wont to watch every vid… And lv 30 book is a bad idea get heaps of
books and enchant lv 1 and u will be better of with power, sharpness and
protection books all mark 3 or higher so DONT LISTEN TO HIM!!!!!

MasterJEM2003 says:

I. Love raids

xXKingalmightyXx says:

Tell us texture pack bro!

amar1327 | New account says:

Texture pack?

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