How To Get Paid When You Hate Asking For Money

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Does asking for money stress you out? If you choke when it’s time to charge, this video will have you getting paid like a pro. Discover how to ask for money comfortably and gracefully, in…

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Sexy Confidence says:

It’s so important for people to be “invested” in the process themselves.
Personal development means you have some skin in the game. Great video +Marie

Ambers Closet says:

I needed to hear this!!

Lavendaire says:

Haha I love the fantasy clip! Your videos are so high quality, it’s
amazing. And your speech and delivery are flawless. How do you do it?? Any
tips on how you prepare for your videos? I make similar videos on my
channel so I’d love to know how I can improve. Thanks! 

Ryan Lamont says:

Personally I love asking for money. 

Female Business Hub says:

How To Get Paid When You Hate Asking For Money

RB Biddulph says:

Wow Maria, that value myself point is telling. I made more money when I
valued myself, my time and the services I rendered. Such a fab message,
thanks much!

Andy N says:

There’s a small problem when some people charge for services: They charge
too little and end up undercutting themselves and degrading the value of
the industry. I see a lot of young makeup artists that are charging $25 a
face! You can’t make a profit that way. 

Lina Strindlund says:

She seems to have the experience so why not take references from those she
has been leading already. 🙂 Sounds like a fun job! Kinda like being a
physiotherpist, which I was about to become, but couldn´t follow through.
:/ NOW I think I wanna do something else but am afraid I won´t follow
through that thing either. :/ 

Rose Makipig says:

I love it… again.. :)

Aura Gael says:

My main issue is sticking to my cancellation policy. Dog walking: If you
need to cancel it needs to be by 9am same day or there’s still the regular
charge. I have a client that cancels hours after that all the time and I
know it’s my fault for letting it slide.

Maria de Jesus Castellon says:

I had to learn early in age to charge for my graphic design services, and
it wasn’t so easy at first, but like @MarieForleo saids “practice makes
$$”. My advice is charge what you feel will be worth your time. For
instance, if someone would hire me to do their flyer, I would get the specs
and think “how much time do I want to spend on creating this flyer and is
$150 worth it for me?” 

Roberta Chadis says:

Great video +Marie Forleo …. valuable tips for anyone and nicely done.
Thank you!!

Frivolous Girl says:

OR you could say “It’s a million dollars… No kidding, just ten thousand!”
Suddenly the price seems awfully cheap ;)

Tonisha Wright says:

From Jamaica! Love what you’re doing. Inspiration.

ShermanMR2 says:

Hello Marie as I agree with you on a lot of things, I couldn’t disagree
with you more on this video.

Evan Carmichael says:

Always great advice and entertaining in the process – thanks Marie! 🙂

Melissa Mabe says:

Loved this! I’ve recently created a Patreon page for my YouTube channel but
I’ve been shy about posting a video asking for people to consider pledging
money for my videos, but this has helped! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get up the

Yana's Avocations says:

I loveeeee asking for money!!

Hannah Czerny says:

“getting paid” and “simple and sexy”…I wasn´t really aware of that
connotation so far, but since you mention it: I really like it!

BlissEllie100 says:

I love watching your videos, not only it is useful, you also have have a
great personality. And most videos are short 🙂 just very curious you might
have mentioned it already but what do you do for a living??

Kevin Post says:

Your videos are very well done. I’m surprised you don’t have more views

TheAmandasloan says:

What about if someone owes you and hasn’t yet paid? Thanks

Lasse Borg says:

Very good advice, Marie.
Here’s my little rule of thumb: If there’s something you want, just ask for
it 🙂
Simple and to the point. Thx for at great show!

HoneyBeNatural Magazine says:

A “Pay Me” party sounds brilliant! Asking people to pay me is SO daunting,
but it’s gonna get better. Thanks!

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