How to get money very fast in battlefield Hardline Beta

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How to get money and xp super fast just follow my tip.

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Caution_CrAzY says:

I know I said I average around 3-to-6000 per match, that’s actually not
true it’s more like 6-to-12000

damien grant says:

on xbox one (idk for ps4) there is an achievement where you have to earn
10000000 dillars wirhin the first 30 days of launch so i am trying to maje
some money fast

Ethyn Santos says:

You just earned a new sub you deserve more subs

EquinoxGaming says:

You don’t really get to experience the whole game when doing this, but I
guess it works lol

xXKillerModderzXx :D says:

I liked and subbed, thx for the help!! I got 100k after an hour and got to
level 24.

Heartx Ruthless says:

Good job loved the vid

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