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Emily Dicevicius says:

are you serious like really?

slendr man lolo says:

Is their an age to do this

DatMcPro says:


Yona Sun says:

Michael, but where does the money go? into your credit card or what?

Under A Minute says:

This guy is an actor, google images “Instant Traffic Comissions” and you
will see this guy there with promoting that product for some else – making
him an actor.

engineeringenvironmental says:

I love how he actually never tells you the 4 step process or where to get
the program at. He keeps on spinning around it. Way to go, another scam.

TheToxicPrince says:

is this even legal?

Captain Blubber says:

Hi I’m a teen and I was woundering if this was legit

xooxAshieexoox says: Get free money here no credit card or
payments required! :)

Holly B says:

Im 7 and its easy it works and I have a credit card im spoiled. And im s boy

Lauren xox says:


Batmandude123 says:

I agree with the toxic prince

Nhat Trieu says:

I can’t pause, I’m cracking up about the grammar.

Joshua Lee says:

Oh yeah you expect kids to do this

Batmandude123 says:

This is such a scam

Joshua Lee says:

I bet this is illegal

Raj Prashanth says:

this is 100% scam no doubt at all

How To Make Money Online For Kids says:
Best Way To Make Money Onine 2014 says:

I love your honesty and you are a breath of fresh air to listen to ! You do
deserve success xxx you have me inspired! X

How To Build A Business Online says:

Anyone want to be youtube friends? I sub back:))

Malique Byrd says:


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