How to earn money if your a Kid/Teenager Tips to Get paid fast!!!!!

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Did you ever wonder how to make money as a Kid/Teenager? Well these tips will help earn money,and Get you a job sort of in a way!!! The good thing about this…

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TNPGameZ says:

can hear dat ps4 interface looks like your method worksgh

April Detmer says:

yah coolguy

rawkid352 says:

Don’t ever do those surveys it takes like a year just to get 30$ and its
soooooooooo boring 

sz trebor says:

are you mad? let me explain you the best stuff search for PanxCash

Kevin Brown says:

Cool video bro.

Pablo Medina says:

Your entrance is not that good

Andres quinonez says:

are you really making your mom give you money for house work ?
cleaning your room is your responsibilty, help her clean the house to make
her happy.
keep your grades up not for money, but for a better carear and to get into
better schools.

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