How To Deal With Taxes In your Amazon FBA, Internet Marketing Or E commerce Online Business

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theRECOVERYproject says:

Hey thank you so much for making this! I have been so lost trying to figure
this part out! My question is, at what do you need to get a business
license and/or llc? And at what point would I call an account to start all
this? Is there a price point, such as once I start making “x” amount of
money THEN I register it as a business? 

The Orange Elephant 523 says:

Cody this is the best video you have made to date. Never, ever guess your
way through taxes. Get a pro to help.

Money Maker (Justin K) says:

Hey Cody I’m 14 and started doing amazon fba about 2 months ago under my
dad’s SSN. I sold about $1,100 worth of stuff in 2014 and my parents say I
don’t have to report it. I am going to try to expand this year and sell a
lot more so what do you recommend I do. Should I save a certain percent of
money from all my sales to start or what. 

Rosanna Judah-Elliott says:

Great video! Does that CPA advice work for Go Daddy bookkeeping? Also, if
I collect sales tax, say from California, do I need to put something like,
“CA residents must pay 8.25 percent sales tax” in my listings? Thanks so

Juan Pablo says:

great video!!

angie m says:

thanks another great video! really great info!

Money Maker (Justin K) says:

You should make a Facebook group so all your subs can help each other out
and discuss videos and topics. Just a suggestion.

John Delgreco says:

Thanks Cody you make a lot of sense on your video. Thanks for sharing your
experienced views with us on this tax subject.

MrSaddie123 says:

I agree Cody the only thing i might add is that a LLC is most likely to
protect your personal stuff but not 100% guaranteed to. TFS

James Tucker says:

Great Cody!!

VlogsBy Cali says:

great video

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