How Much Money Do I Need To Get A Girlfriend?

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Commentary by: Joe Jo (Twitter: @joverdose) Bart Kwan (Twitter: @bartkwan) Geo Antoinette (Twitter: @Geo_Antoinette) Tiffany Del Real (Twitter: @real_tiff) Edited by: Loryn Teranishi (Instagram:…

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Miguel Segura says:

Do they ever actually answer the question?????

ogie86 . says:

I do get what Joe is saying. In high school, money is not a problem. But
when you get to your late 20’s+, it could be an issue since most women are
trying to settle down and shit.

Ellie Ann says:

Geo: and you’re watching?!

Rene Ulloa says:

I’m trying to get on that Dan Bilzerian status 

Joe Jo says:

no money mo problem

AskTheFeels says:

How much money should I have in my bank account before I can get a

Matthew Bowen says:

You can get a job in high school, my buddy is a life guard and another
works with the fire dept. while I work at a hospital. I’m 15. It’s easy to
get one on around here at least. 

Christon Han says:

i have to mute the first 5 seconds of each video so my parents dont think
i’m watching something strange.

Song Ji Hyo says:

tbh I don’t think you should be worrying about the amount of money you have
for a relationship

DAHLicious Wafflez says:

Do I include my girlfriend spending in with my income tax refund

iSight Magus says:

When we gettin that penis size video tho 

EckoEcho says:

Like what mom mom always say, If you want a relationship, you better have a
Car and a job

destro1989 says:

Bart is the fucking man. That is how things should work with women. We are
way more equal in today’s society, both men and women should pay their own
ways. Thank god you said that Bart…I thought I was the only guy who
didn’t pay for everything. 

David Chen says:

lol Geo is like ‘shut up Bart, your gonna pay everything for me’

Plague Doc says:

Is an adult ever going to ask a question? I feel like it’s just early to
mid teens asking quite honestly dumb questions. Next question will be
something like “Do I need to use my penis to have sex?” like wtf.

Bobby V says:

Girlfriends cost money?

2uneek says:

need a shirt with “dats da mudda boolshit!. make it happen joe! ill buy 100

wazih sabir says:

Bart gives a long ass lecture about the topic and then Joe’s response ” das
da mudda booshett.”

livelovelaugh says:

Speaking of 21st century and equal rights between men and women, note to
men: please start cooking and doing house work and watching the kids.

BunChaGio610 says:

loved my ex, but damn did she make me financially depressed lol. she had a
birthday, valentines day, plus a couple of dates in like the period of a

KayVwj (Voua Vue) says:

Bart and geo <3 lol

mytubeaccount says:

I don’t think any guy/girl in the right mind is asking that question. He is
being funny that a lotta relationships are superficial today, that money
can be a deal breaker for someone. thats what he wants to discuss. To that
i say he is right.

Jake Hartman says:

Bart’s looking like a Dad in this video. God dammit Bart, get your shirts

brennan allen says:

this is a stupid ass question……………….

FNH NaTive says:


OnlyKnowsGod says:

This may sound crazy. But actually there is a minimum amount a relationship
can be successfull on.

Typically you should judge a relationship based on ultimetley where it will
end. If your looking for longterm then you should enter into a relationship
only if you can efford the end goal of a longterm relationship.. That being
a house and children..

Funnly the banks have worked this all out.

Take the average house price for your area.. Divide that by 6 (which gives
the minimum thresjold for a house lone) then divide that by 12 for the year
and it gives you your monthly salarie.

If you dont earn this amount then its probably not a good idea to start a
relationship. As 12 months later you may know you wana stay the rest of
your life together buy with not enough money to do that the relationship
will stall and arguments over money and the gain of it will put stress
which will cause the relationship to fail.

They say girls arnt all gold diggers. Which is true. But what girls want is
stability a home, children and a good provider.. All of these cost money..

So who ever this guy is asking the question how much.. I hope he reads my
comment and does the math..

Btw in the uk the cost of a girl friend is around £3300.0 per month.. Its
not all for spending on her as you woulf be mad to do that. But if the
relationship develops you want to settledown then if you atleast earn this
monthly amount you will be able to efford continuity and move into family
life without the poisibilty that a lack of money will threaten either your
family or your relationship…

xboxgamer959 says:

Easy, don’t get a girlfriend, problem solved bruh 😉

Nah just ignore this, I’m just a virgin who doesn’t care if he never gets
laid lol

David Jung says:

Hmm the intro sounds like Bart singing, “your my mama bear” and geo moaning

Jessica Elizondo says:

Did anyone else notice the ‘The Heirs’ reference in a picture? XD YASSSSS

henry tran says:

If feminists want to be equal they shouldn’t expect men to pay for
everything. Case of Double standards.

srJimineee says:

that question is pretty valid. i’m thinking if you broke then you can’t
really do much with your significant other, UNLESS, she’s really down to
earth right and don’t mind the money.

E Nguyen says:

First things first, Joe’s the realist

Jane Shon says:


Vladimir V says:

lol what a loser! Needs money to get a chick! No game!

StoreBrand says:

0$ if the girl won’t date you without money then it will never work out.

It doesn’t matter if you just want a man with a job or if you want a man
who’s a billionaire, a gold digger is a gold digger.

Sophie Thien-Ly Nguyen says:

Geo’s hairstyle is the same as always, but for some reason it looks really
pretty today ^^

Claire Palisoc says:

Forever lowering the volume when the intro plays….

Uncle Phil says:

I’m balling so I’m good. 

KingSLAYER Mask says:

Of course you need money to buy descent clothing, money for transportation,
to pay for meals etc…….

R Cevallos says:

“you love this piece of mierda” lmao

Cristian Maierean says:

lol i shit you not my ex payed everything for me, i dont agree with it, but
you guys should just split bills

ILoveBreakfast671 says:

It’s not a dumb question honestly. I have a friend who doesn’t have a car,
makes minimum wage and his past 2 relationships were his gf driving him
around and paying for their meals and the relationship always ended after
like 6 months of frustrations.

Your girlfriend doesn’t want to just come over and have sex and hang out
with you. She wants to go out to olive garden sometimes and go to spring
break at panama city beach or that $100 on sale ring at Kay Jewelers.

Buying a 5 dollar little ceasers pizza every two weeks isn’t good enough.

minhmeo1209 says:

2:40 yes its the 21st century bart. But everywhere isnt the USA, he could
be living in some developing countries where women are still has classical
thinking etc

GarTheRapper says:

Exactly Bart, I only pay for 1st dates. Just to be polite. After that, you
need to understand that you’re a fully grown adult who needs to take care
of themselves.

Asad L says:

Here’s my two cents (no pun intended) (okay yes it was).
I lived with my parents when dating my ex. and spent about $250/month alone
(gas, food, etc.) When we got together I was averaging $450/month since I’d
obviously go out more, drive way more, gifts, holidays, anniversaries and
all that jazz. So hopefully this is a good indicator for someone in high
school who has a similar question. 

Foxstar9898 says:

Joe’s shirt is nice! And I agree with the filter reference hhahaa

Rachel Emery says:

I get what Bart is saying about equality and going dutch. I like the
whoever asks pays approach.

I also think the websites where you can purchase a girlfriend online would
tell you how much money you need! 

John Luu says:

Joe: There’s Mexican Gold diggers too

flyhighrover says:

Out of topic, but Bart’s hair is clean as hell! 

clia10892 says:

I honestly believe this guy is in HS but I do agree with Joe since it was
the first thing I thought about too.

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