How Do YouTubers Make Money?

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John Basedow says:

It definitely helps to be with a network to get a higher ‘CPM’ (RPM
actually – CPM is the ‘cost per thousand’ an advertiser pays, RPM is the
‘revenue per thousand’ content creators make…and, as we all know, those
two figures are drastically different). As far as generating money from
YouTube, I’ve found it beneficial to use your YouTube channel almost as a
resume tape to showcase what you can do. That often leads to other bigger
offers which far surpass any revenue made from online ads.

Juanito Say - Delcarajo Teve says:

There was a mistake; you actually make money because people click on the
ads. If people never clicked you wouldn’t be making money.
CPM means how much you make per 1000 views calculating the price of the ads
because the ads we see on Youtube videos are auctioned and sometimes the
value is higher or lower.
Just my two cents :)

Coily Mane says:

Thank You!! For sharing…seems to be such top secret among other popular
you tubers! I appreciate u informing us..of course this video will get lots
of views…lolol clever girl

Volomon says:

I have ad blocker so I haven’t seen a YouTube advert for about…..6 months

Mya Turner says:

How do you get the money?

DearestClaudio says:

I used to have adblock for everything, but last year I removed it for
websites like youtube and blogs, where I’m consuming people’s content
directly. I still leave it on for most websites, but I’d rather endure the
minor annoyance of 15-30 seconds of ads every few videos than essentially
prevent a content creator who I genuinely enjoy from getting my view
counted towards their pay.

QueenTxoxo1 says:

I’m not interested in making videos but always wondered how it worked and I
liked how you made it short and sweet and very understandable. Thanks.

BSMART18 says:

+chescaleigh Is the webinar available for viewing yet? If not, when will it

Jessica Sage says:

60 bucks for a webinar full of ‘how to’ information to help monetize a
brand — You’re effing brilliant!

Brick Boy says:

do u have to have google adsense to make money also how much would u make
monthly if u had 1,000 views a video and u posted maybe 10 videos becuse i
would like to learn more

eclipsejamie09 says:

Um interesting. I always wondered.

broyale7 says:

Wow! Thank you for providing that information. This is something I always
wondered about, but never got the answer to.

Sometimes, I would watch ads from my favorite Youtubers thinking they would
get paid that way. Good to know I don’t need to do that as my watching
their videos is support enough.

jacobcoolguy says:

I knew the basic thing about money from ads but this is surprisingly the
first time ive heard this CPM term. thanks!

TinasheOnline says:

You’re awesome! Thanks for doing this vid.

Bea Emanuela says:

does youtube pay worldwide? 

The Brookie Show says:

I don’t get it please watch my videos and please help me

Annie Tyler says:

I signed up for YouTube Partners a few years ago but my AdSense account got
terminated because of clickbombers…Guess I really am screwed in making
money off YouTube. 

Yuma Suomi says:

How do you get the money

ReadySetPawn says:

So if I were to get a thousand views, I get the money added to my balance
I already have an adsense for this channel.
Thanks for the video btw :)

karen ramirez says:

How can kids make money???

Kelly Sands says:

Loved the video , I would love to know about how to advertise , about
branding , and marketing on youtube. Could you share your expertise ? Thank

Julian Lopez says:

Can you tell me how to start off plz!

chasity newton says:

Wow you are a smart women and you already have over 40,000 views gooo

Candice Roma says:

Oops, guess I should turn off my ad blocker.

Ken Vee Lim says:

Thx but how do we withdraw the money?

Chocolate Beauty says:

Good info- I really need to step up my game!

Sweetlady1916 says:

I would love to see a webinar on graphic design & youtube. Great
tips….more webinars please!

Andrew Geyer says:

Well. In that case, I’m going to let adblock show ads on youtube now.

tara81 . says:

Thanks for sharing that with us. Have you heard of the fan finder program ?
If so, it seems to me that the only ads I have been seeing are for those
youtubers that already have the fan base. I thought the program was mainly
aimed at vloggers that were trying to grow their fan base not those that
already had them. Anyhow…thanks for sharing

videosofsteel says:

Doesn’t make sense,
why don’t they pay you for the views but only the ads
so does that mean you could have millions of views but can still earn
less than somebody who has less views but more luck with the ads?

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