Hay day how to earn money quick !

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swprophet says:

Add me on game center: SWPROPHET LVL 53 🙂 Thanks!

sandeep sharma says:

Please join my group or neighbourhood named as. United brosis

Crystal Shi says:


christiann hernandezz says:

U make halo vid cuz I’ve seen them

Kitty Miley says:

What I recommend is that you don’t sell like your nails,planks,wood
panels,duck tape, and other materials to upgrade your silo and barn. Plus
don’t sell land deeds or marker stakes and the mallets, those can help u
expand ur farm. One more thing don’t sell creams butters cheeses or sugars
syrups and white sugars 🙂 welcome 

razorbackfan2011 says:

I need help with stuff. I can’t get building mats. And I don’t understand
how to help someone needing help, I don’t know what to do. Also I can’t
make enough money. I stay broke. Anyone help!

Brandon Meyer says:


Datblondi3 says:

You would only make $64 back because the tree is 410 soooooo

Jess Tovey says:

The profit for cherry trees is 1089
Please do blackberry bush profit
And rasberry bush

11YourSelf11 says:

Only thing I don’t like about planting trees/Bushes is that you have to cut
it down and i got no axes 

Mariapaz Sanchez says:

U should add me on Game Center (candygirl2013)

FaDe_ELITE says:

candy machine

Oliver Holmberg says:

Add me: O.H98

Martina Šorša says:

add me on gc: MizzTinaa

kennedy1031 says:

Add me jazzy_babee77 on Game Center, I’m level 29, I love to help anyway I

Ruth Cummings says:

you should make a video about how to get to the next level fast and easy

Anonymous Hacker says:

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Shyam Shrestha says:

You can laugh at money problems — if you Copy and Paste Into Google Certor
Cash Code.

Supriya Pakhira says:

Strawberreyes can be sold in much better way

dhruv sharma says:

Add me : dhruv.2

Da Broz says:


BEAUTIFi says:

You should sell the marker stakes the give you a good profit

Crystal Shi says:

Game Center ID: Egg12387
Please friend! I only need one my friend to get a new slot in my roadside

Datblondi3 says:

You don’t even make the money back that you payed for the tree not worth it

Supriya Pakhira says:

Bad vuedeo 

Crystal Shi says:

gotta stop now. running out of syrup

Crystal Shi says:

-but i make them anyway.

Crystal Shi says:

Candy apples suck and is a syrup rip-off!

TayLoCGN says:

Add me at GC; TayLo.

Layla Oliver says:

This is a game u idiots -.- not real life so stop talking about going
online to make money!

TimitRosa05 says:

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Jose Minyetty says:

Junior4s please plz add me

Jasper Mols says:

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LauraGarrett546 says:

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Ryan Nguyen says:

can you add me *temple*

BFFvsBFF says:


Eirik Hvam says:

add me: hvamskern! 🙂 helping all the time

Omega Point says:

QAd me:Mr BingoBongo

Peyton0110 says:

add me – peyton0110

Tuppi657 says:

what level you??

BerthaEllingsworth86 says:

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Fei Shen says:

With arbitrage, don’t get thrown off by the price of some high end stuff.
Some people will not buy say 10 bacon&eggs for 1800, but that’s really like
300 profit you can take advantage since 10 bacon and eggs at max is 2100. I
will buy them and sell them in smaller trenches, like 2 to 3 each. I find
people are easy to buy like that since they are buying mostly for fill the
orders, which don’t usually require that many bacon&eggs in one order.

sooadd wiw says:

I already added you Philip, please accept my invitation.

Asif Sharif says:

add MAXLiveHD

Carita D Angel says:

Add me ver0*

Fei Shen says:

There are some other ways to earn money quick. For example, buy low and
sell high, arbitrage. I like to put an ad on a flooded product in the
market place, typically eggs, at a max price, then keep churning out quick
stuff like wheat, corn, eggs, carrots and sell them slightly below the
market. That way you probably make like 30-40 coins per minute, then throw
in some high end queued stuff here and there whenever they are ready. In
the meantime, arbitrage through the ad book.

Anthony Gomez says:


Mhels Caro says:


Carameldry woopsy says:

Looks so good in iPad.

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