GTA 5 – Plane Wreck TREASURE! (Underwater $12K Treasure) – How to make money fast

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undercop5567 says:

I just went to this place in online. There’s no briefcase there :(. The
wrecked plane and the tail wing are still there though.

Jarrah McCurdy says:

Sorry I psted 2

chanel65269 says:

Theres also an other plane wreck near army base. 

Jarrah McCurdy says:

No money case I think the new update removed it

Dan Danut says:

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quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some
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Alice Kirbyson says:

I used the invincibility cheat to give me more time underwater, is that why
it wasn’t there?

timo thiele says:

i dive there but theres no Treasure anywhere :/ lots of guns lie around
there but no moneyloot and i really looked everywhere. 

kyle Paterson says:

Does it work on GTA5Online?

Kätzchen12 says:

may it be that after the patch the money packages are really gone? (because
of glitch abuse) i can find everything but the money… :-/

P. Avalos says:

this isnt true!!! i even switched characters and the briefcase was Not
there…i found a random machine gun close by that ive already had for
awhile, but thats it…

XGamerBR says:

Just switch from one character to another and then back to the previous
character. The breath will be back filled and the briefcase will reappear.
You can pick it up again for U$ 24.000,00… and again for U$ 36.000,00…
and again for 48.000,00, as many times as you want! Easy!

Kevin Allan says:

its probably not there for others because you don’t have 100% completion

dorian porter says:

Hey dude can u help me out I found the wreckage but the briefcase wasn’t

Charlie Zielin says:

Franklin, mich, and that other guy in a ship wreck

Chaotic Munk says:

You could do the god mode cheat right

josh maurer says:

Can u just keep getting it over and over again?

Joshua Scott says:


ptrs45 says:

Its not their

MultiJoozie says:

There isn’t a treasure for my-,-
Please answer me

Scorp18 says:

Just a hint, If you have enough money buy the Sonar Collections Dock
property. It will give you a Sub and scuba gear so you can dive in the
water without drowning. Thumbs up so everybody can see:)

Chucky Rosales says:

How many times can you get it ??

Michael Hornemann says:

i think it is patch

Kyle Smith says:

It’s not there on single player ?

Hardi Mohammad says:

thanks I find it :)

Kenneth Becker says:

when i do this ima bring my sub and scuba gear

Bobby Shreve says:

Kind sound like ashton kutcher

Arrin Starrett says:

its not money its a health pack i just did it

fade noobkiller says:

If u get scuba gear an stay down there an keep switching players the money
will appear again each time u switch back

daniel meza says:

Is it there online

Steve Shaydy says:

guys!!! go to this site the Trevor
Phillips Enterprises (TPE) Map has some “X” marks made by trevor, these
either indicate a submarine you can find or some kind of money briefcase. i
have seen the above video and ca confirm that one of the “X” marks is this
brief case, i have not checked the other marks but some other videos
confirm that there are 24k – 96k briefcases that can be found. I have
currently used the above video to get around 100k. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
like this comment so that others can see.

Hannah Gibbens says:

There is money it’s on a little cliff by the tail of the plane it’s green.
I just got 12000

Geovanni Bermudez says:

Hey if you want to get more monie when your doun their change players then
change back and the case will be back and you will have full oxigen and you
can do that all day

james jack says:

I am so fuckin bored in gta duh…………… duh……. duh…….. 

james frederick says:

I went down to the wreck and I found the money but I also found a RPG, did
you find this

Sean Aitken says:

its there but i cant get back up before i die

Jarrah McCurdy says:

No money case I think the new update removed it

iDigpool says:

There is also a Carbine Rifle at the same site

antonio decicco says:

another easy way to make money is to kill someone with 81 billion dollars!
that’s how I made 81 billion !! HAHA

MegaVideoman1998 says:

after the story mode is finished, play as trevor. Then go to the Sandy
Shores Airfield, the submarine should be there. I then used the chopper
with the hooks to fly it out the pacific.

jshady98 says:

Why isn’t it there

analilia lopez says:

I found one place where people are have a gang battle and if you find the
one with the suitcase and kill him you get 25000 dollars but it’s kind of
rare but the place where I found it was at the hunting place 

Joshua Sanna-Beaudoin says:


Fe0n says:

theres a second plane wreck under water with 12 k

Tito Rodriguez says:

Guys there are two planes down there where you find the first plane with
rpg keep swiming staight and theres the other plane hope that helps

Scrappy750's YouTube says:

Ya it’s not there. Remove this video

muthulingam55743 says:

No money there i found the sane wreck

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