GTA 5 Online:*SOLO* UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH Patch 1.23/1.24 Make Money FAST (GTA 5 1.23 Money Glitch)

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BEST GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch After the patch 1.23 and patch 1.24 Works after the Heist Update DLC and make money fast with this glitch! Enjoy JOIN MY NETWORK! – ______…

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Sir Weed says:


IKnifeUKid says:

Hi SirWeed this is patched, i found a new way….

Take a rusty rebel to LSC
Go to wheels / Offroad / Stock rims / Purchase Amazon rims
Back out, go to SUV / Chrome Rims / Look for Fagorme rims, (They should
show purchased so just equip them)
Back out and sell the truck for just over 40 k (cost of 7700).

Sir Weed says:


Jeffrey Loesberg says:

Doesnt work old gen

Bryan Mosher says:

Hey Sir Weed. I recently sold a peyote(gang version) that I stored in my
garage to sell later for $ 36,000. I think the heist update increased their
value. I am going to find one off the street and see if it works again. I
sold two from my garage so far. Thought you may want to share with your

Neel Talati says:

Sir weed! Dude you are awesome man. You upload for everyone’s benefit and
make content look authentic and appeasing. I can’t find any other better
youtuber than you. I won’t say much but keep doing what you’re doing
because you are doing it right. Good luck in the future

supermanSAM98 says:

The horn costs 78000 for me now, is there any fix

CptCarrot says:

Heists were literally just released. You cheaters are STILL not happy with
the money you have.

Simon King says:

Still work on ps4?

JeffTutorials™ says:

There is no sad trombone horn on last gen!

Kracker215 says:

As the comments go, this doesn’t work on old gen, however, you buy the
rebel=$3000, then buy the rims=$5000, then the horn=$25000 (because you get
charged on old gen for the horn), but still sells for over $42000, so its
still a $9000 profit. With the $$$$ from heist (if it works) for now it may
be better to do this. However, I did the first heist and earned $169000
BUT, COCKSTAR didn’t put it in my account, most likely a glitch in the
system, and that code breaking was a muther fvcker with a worn out

Chaz Sierra says:

Guess its been hot fixed the sad trombone cost 61k (with 5% discount) and
the money was deducted xb1

Brayden Dan says:

i had to pay for that shit >:(

xDeath_crawlerx says:

Found a new glitch to wear the heist bag from flecca job or robber bag 

UnbeatableDogeDynasty says:

(2:59)<------ time I downloaded 

harman labana says:

And how come whenever I buy the Karin rusty rebel when I put it in the
customs it says Karin rebel not Karin rusty rebel

Bucketz PVP says:

Every time i do this, it charges me $62k. I bought the stock rims Raiders,
then the sad trombone. Right when i buy the horn, i get charged $62k. Any

Pure_gaming says:

I’ve done this for about half an hour fine but now it won’t let me sell
anycar at all

lewaa moussa says:

Plz figure a way to how to fix the character face glitchy face looks ugly
right now in gta plz help

Jordan O'C says:

Damn, Weed! You and Freight *ALWAYS* post the best shit. All those other
niggas just copying xD

Christopher Bird says:

You make an extra 2k-ish if you buy the last thing of off road tires at the
bottom, I can’t remember what they are called though

Gianni says:

Can you get banned?

SomaliGapteeni says:

I sold a golden dubsta for over 60k. The one that spawns at vinewood hills

Ximena711 says:

Wtf. Why patch it on ps4 and ps3 first. Put it on all consoles you fucks!

Siticola says:

the 1.21/1.23 mean that it works for last and new gen? or xbox and ps

Chubbs Peterson says:

This shit has been patched since Thursday

Thomas Wulff says:

Fucken patched 🙁 shouldn’t have bought a hydra , should have saved my

Yousef Man says:

Sir Weed, I think I found a new glitch. I was messing around with my
friends, then it began to work. Is there anyway I can contact to U so I can
tell u.

liam says:

patched on xbox one

Julian Giacomelli says:

For ps4 it’s patched 

actionreplayizfun says:

Do you know of any Rp glitches?? if so kik me at 13_and_swag Btw subscribed
liked and commented 😀 love the vids keep uploading ur the best bro. W33D

lee pascoe says:

Why are the servers so crap

Andado's Channel says:

IT IS PATCHED! Dont try it. You will loose ur money.

Michael Flores says:

Aren’t you wasting the same amount of money and earning the same amount.
What’s the point?

Manny Rodriguez says:

Sir weed I just tried this on my ps4 it’s not working please update video
amd thank you for all your previous ones

thehockeynerd13 says:

Just got patched 

Martin Careau says:

Tested with Oracle XS and didn’t work on 1.24 (PS4)

barz91 says:

Guys bad news a small update has just been release it patched the trumbone
horn and some other stuff the chrome crew colour glitch still works but the
rebel has stopped. it was good while it worked lol

YGxDiamondNinja says:

THERE IS NO SAD TROMBONE HORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Rodriguez says:

This glitch got patched last night 

FBM Football masters says:

lies i had to pay 26 k

Joey Partyka says:

The horn costs 4250 but still a great glitch thanks for getting me rich!!!!

GamingWizard22 says:

Everyone! Come to my channel, I upload GTA content. If I can reach 50+ subs
by the end of the week I will do money lobbies if your on last gen and do
glitches with you if your on next gen. I’m currently at 35.

Snooze PSN says:

– PATCHED / PS4 – 3-15-15-Sun. 

w33dman86 says:

Wtf is 1.23 there no 1.23 patch

sam nutley says:

Found a way around this after the patch making 35k profit

Jax Ramsey says:

Sir weed, can you host a modded lobby and give me lots of money?


I made 4 million out of it, glitches like this don’t take that long to get
patched. Thanks sir weed. Stay tuned sir weed has that good shit.

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