GTA 5 Online Stimulus Package 2.0 Idea – GTA 5 Free Money, Cars, Guns & MORE Theory! (GTA V)

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GTA 5 Online Stimulus Package 2014 Idea – GTA 5 Free Money, Cars, Guns & MORE Theory! (GTA V) – NEW GTA 5 Christmas DLC Gameplay & GTA 5 Online Gameplay! ▻ Please Leave A Like …

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Purple Xenon says:

As much as I would love a free $500k this is a really dumb ‘theory’

Why the hell would Rockstar randomly give every player $500k? The have no
valid reason for it. They gave us the first Stimulus Package as an apology
for fucking up the launch of GTA:O which was a great reason as literally
MILLIONS of people could not play GTA:O for the first week.

The Lizard Squad DDoS attacks were NOT R*’s fault and they couldn’t have
prevented it, plus it was for Xbox, the consoles which sold less copies of
GTA than PlayStation, so they wouldn’t care as much. The Lizard Squad DDoS
attacks did not prevent people playing for ~7 days either, only about 18
hours total.
So no, The Lizard Squad attacks are not a valid reason for a second
stimulus package.

The ‘free car’ idea is pretty stupid too. People would just get $500K+ cars
and it would break the balance of the game.

So no, we SHOULD NOT get a Stimulus Package 2.0 especially with Heists
coming out soon. (Dont even try to say ‘hurr durr heists r 2 l8 so we ahuld
get it durr hurr’).

Bubbles says:

Another bullshit “speculation/theory” video. What a huge suprise why not
wait till the content actually comes out to make a video? Almost everything
you shitty youtubers speculate almost never comes true. 

Karim Karimous says:

I think they should do the Stimulus package for those who have played gta 5
for over a year

Konrad Toney says:

Why the fuck would they randomly give us shit? The original SP happened
because Online was literally UNPLAYABLE for the first week. They have no
reason to give us anything.
Just another bullshit,baseless video to rake in more of that “YT Money”
Fuck this channel I’m out, I’m tired of all the “speculation and rumour”
videos he uploads as blatant cash grabs instead of actual facts.
If anyone disagrees with more or wants to throw foul language at me I don’t
care because eventually you will see things like this for what they really

aramistech says:

What they need to do is lower the price of those shark cards to like $25
for 8 million gta money. That would make more sense. You said you purchased
with the $500,000 an apartment, a super car, and some guns. I say you’re
full of crap since $500,000 does not go that far in this game. 

Liam Sullivan says:

– free car customization upgrades on any car
– free turbo on any car
– free car on cheaper site
– 1/2 price on one high end car
– free boat
– free plane/helicopter
– free spending spree at ammunation
– free spending spree at clothes store
– 1/2 price apartment/garage
– $500,000

Balto says:

The heists will more than likely be free, Thats sorry enough.

Adam Burns says:

Why would we be getting this anyway? Servers have been fine. Plus most gta
next gen copies came with 500k in the box, although it was meant to be a
pre order bonus

Josh Graves says:

I doubt Rockstar would do another Stimulus package, they make a shit ton of
money from people buying Shark cards. There is only 2 legit ways of making
money in GTA Online, you either grind missions or you buy Shark cards.
I have $4 million in GTA Online currently from grinding missions and I’ll
maybe buy a Shark card or two when I transfer to PS4.

Felix Gibbons says:

Why the hell would they give us cash, or anything like that?

alexthegrape1000 says:

STOP FUCKING MOANING!! Heists are coming in the next few months and what
dies that mean? Oh yeah…HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$!!! So WHY would we
need this? Ffs MrBossFTW stop feeding us bullshit because I swear I will
unsubscribe. AND BEFORE ANYONE SAYS IT, I KNOW that me unsubbing will
hardly make a difference but I know that ALOT of other subs are considering
unsubbing because he isn’t giving us FACTS, which is why we subscribed in
FUCKING HIESTS. Oh and BTW, last gen players that haven’t transferred to

Okay, rant over I’m gon’ go make so tea. 

Leonardo Valdersnesi says:

I’m at level 145, been playing for over three weeks (social club stats) and
that was last gen…right now none of my friends moved over to the current
gen, and I find it hard to do jobs alone…I just can’t get any large
amount of cash anymore…so it would be great to get a little treat for

Burger King says:

That’s it I’m tired of this “theory” “speculation” “rumors” “ideas” people
just want real fucking information about grand theft auto 5 man wtf
happened to you Mrboss I was hoping that you would one day stop with the bs
but fuck it I’m just using the rock star news wire each day instead of your
shit. Perhaps you will actually grow a fucking audience if you posted real
videos people would like to go home and watch with leaving them a smile in
the end. If you were to get terminated people will forget about u and watch
another faggot like u. Ps. If u feel the same un fucking subscribe

sean Mcvay says:

What super car do you buy for less than 500,000 dollars as said in the

Illuminati confirm says:

Education is important but gta is importanter

Potato says:

I think there should be a stimulus package of 100k every month. Would be
really handy 

TurboAquaJet13 says:

You haters need to chill, the FUCK OUT, Seriously, I know feedback is a
good thing for youtubers but relax. MrBossFTW is a fantastic youtuber. This
may be a “Pretty bad” video but his other videos are just fine. You know
who you guys need to complain to? Majestic and Sernandoe, just look at
their videos and compare them to one of Boss’. Boss’ are better, he doesn’t
have a fucking loud ass intro and he doesn’t spamfuck the channel with
glitches that are complete fucking garbage. You crybabys need to leave this
channel. Haters don’t help anyone.


i remember the 500k thing i was playing story mode becuse i didint like gta
online but the BOOM when i heared we got 500k i got exited and started
playing gta online and now i am a 241 leveled nerd and i have 22 cars and
full ammo and 3,6 million cash,the 500k thing helped me to keep on playing

Zed Chuva says:

I get where you’re coming from, but I have 2 words to explain why they
won’t do it…

Shark Cards

Luuk walono says:

The festive update was free, i mean the hats, shirst, masks and more stuff 

Phillip Rodriguez says:

It was not a easy process at the beginning to get money? Is that a joke?
You could literally do missions where you have to walk 50 feet and blow up
a parking lot and earn $25k!!

Sinky says:

You already get a free car, the Elegy. Plus players returning to next gen
from old gen got $500,000 – Have you forgot about that already? Rockstar
have already delivered the stuff you are asking for!

Martin Sørheim says:

the most money i have ever had is 100k (im really new) and it’s hard to
get money maaaan (any help???

Kyle Machado 74 says:

I’m a new player on ps4 gta online. And I really whant 500,000$. I’m broke
as fuck. I got 300$ right now :(

LegoPoliceAgent says:

The Gta Online economy has already been fucked up by money glitches and
such. (That’s also why the new cars, weapons and clothes have been so
I don’t think they’ll want to fuck that up even more.

Will DeGoey says:

Why would they give us free shit for no reason? Another dumb fuck video for
the YouTube money, not the viewers 

Malik E says:

Why are you always asking for a stimulus package

Fritz Schnitzel says:

I was one of the idiots who played 3 days straight as soon as it came
online. Everything was lost. The stimulus was a slap in the face because it
was given to everyone even new players…

First they started nerfing big payout missions like base invaders. All of a
sudden the replay button was frozen. So you had to keep loading back and
fourth calling lestor for a mission. Thats about the time I realized its a
ploy to make people hate grinding so they are forced to purchase shark

Then they realized people were ranking up too fast so Every payout was cut
in half! People punished for getting large bounty

Base invaders was 28,000 with infinite replay in October of 2013 before
they wiped out everyones money the first time. Before the bounties and the
lies started.

Someone at R* has a sense of humor. dark and twisted but humorous non the
less. Borderline drunk with power and greed.

Boasting heist missions.. next month … maybe … when the shark money
dries up.. maybe then

Tom Smith says:

Jump started the economy? Pfffft.
It’s still broken as mess… The economy is ruled primarily by two kinds of
people- glitches/Modders and grinders.
These two parties having access to all the best weapons vehicles and
locations in Los santos…
In a free roam game- you would be hard pressed to beat them. Even in
attrition of kills because they have better gear and more health- etc etc.
(you do get higher health at higher levels no bs)
But that’s off topic- the economy is now broken- and will remain broken
until the glitches are fixed the prices are reset and the cheaters are
reset or banned. Permanently- they’ll just do it again otherwise- people
never change, cheaters change the least .

rages says:

They should let us pick wat we want like have a menu when u enter gta to
pick wat ever u want 

The Infinity says:

Ross, whenever you run out of ideas of videos just don’t upload, this is so

Aus Lindy says:

2x mission payouts for a week

SaturnGaMing says:

Btw it don’t think this is going to happen, I don’t see why rockstar would
do this again,but they might for xbox users because of all the lizard squad

VulcanM98 says:

Yeah… sure. All of this, bullshit. 

RJ Maksym says:

All the clothes on last gen were free, was it the same on next gen?

ForTheWil WM says:

I do agree because what if to start a heist you NEED to buy some stuff and
you’re new to the game and you cannot afford it, you’re at a total
disadvantage. R* should give all players at least 500g in the heist update
to give every player a fair chance to get to it. If not…a Zentorno would
be nice…

Sebskitz says:

Im a big fan of you and no offence, but your videos nowadays are just awful
and it seems like you only make them for views and likes. Why would
rockstar give away $500k anyway? This “theory” makes no sense and so do
most of your videos nowadays. Not hating, just giving feedback

Loashmi3399 says:

I would want either cash or a free car

Alex Hp says:

I person would only want money so that I could by some new things when I
want. They should bring out a stimulus package or instead they should
increase payouts on jobs and make it much easier to grind them just like
the used to. I cant remember when they made jobs harder but I think that it
makes no sense if the prices of things on GTA V are going up and the money
we get from the jobs goes down. I can see that Rockstar is using this to
make more money out of shark card purchases.

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