GTA 5 Online: *SOLO* UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH! Patch 1.22 Make Money FAST! (GTA 5 1.22 Money Glitch)

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This Solo Unlimited Money glitch after the patch 1.22 lets you spawn upgraded rare vehicles on the street without a time frame. Spawn them without having to worry about running out of time….

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Sir Weed says:


PissOnYerFinger says:


Rambo says:

*Hell yeah dank video Weed*

PsychoSake says:

Your abusing the privilege that Rockstar is giving us modded cars. Likely
that they will get rid of these soon because of people like you. 

Alex Alvarez says:

+Sir Weed what do I do if I don’t have the mission?

Gaming Penguin says:

Guys can anyone help me to do money glitches im only 12 years old and all
this shit is complicated and hard to do my psn is SimranGurdas10

federico giosa says:

hi i’m from italy i can’t see the mission in the rockstar created jobs

Craig98 says:


IAmSpeeDzZz says:

It won’t let me store the car in the garage during a mission

Seb PlaysMC says:

Does anyone have the mission on xbox 360. If you do please reply saying you
have it 

Peyton King says:

READ: You can get this job from Martin Madrazo. This is considered the
SECOND RAREST JOB in all of GTA Online, so it will take a very, very, very,
VERY long time to receive this. Just keep calling Martin and you should
eventually receive it

vX Epic ninja says:

Don’t have the mission.. Help me!!

Sir Cyclone says:

Ey sir w. If anybody pisses u off or comments bad stuff on ur vids, I got
ur back

lynchumseason says:

I’m subscribed to many of the “great youtubers” and I’m glad to say YOU are
one of those. peace. 

Michael Deleg says:

I don’t have that mission for some reason 

AnimeXBandzzz says:

Can you find a way to duplicate custom super cars like The Zentorno? It
would help a lot old fen too please I beg a lot of people want something
like this. You and Freight Train WTFFF are the best Gta5 glitch finders so
I bet you’ll find someone thing out but nice vid anyways!

Jax││Games says:

Guys add me on PSN so we can do money glitches and other random shit no
body under 10 or over 14

Jake Swinburne says:

Man I really need a give cars to friends glitch you got any ideas?

uT BLitZ HD says:

What do I do if I can’t find the mission?

Taten Kunkel says:

Thanks weed XD this will help my new character keep it sexy 

Colton Warren says:

Anyone that has the mission hit me up at prior lake boys Xbox 1

Jadon Bright says:

Can someone tell me if this is patched or not, i dont want to waste
$100,000 on that house in the country just to find out the money glitch
wont work

Uggas 451 says:

The mission is there i played it 5 minutes ago but i could not find the

Kenny Jones says:

Time to get away isn’t on there help please

skewbells says:

Hey weed lookie here
I found a glitch off of the horn glitch.
Buy a rat loader and take it to Los santos, scroll down to suspension and
click on stock suspension.
It will say you already have the suspension, but it unlocks the sad
trombone horn and bam 10k profit as fast as you can sell them.
Thanks in advance for the shout out. You and freight make sweet videos keep
it up!

emir berk erden says:

What does bypass 45 minutes means pls someone answer me

RapKandy says:

this is the best money glitch next gen so far, hands down. 30k per vehicle
dude your amazing thanks!!!!!

HexxGamer says:

Xbox360 anyone?


1ST yo what up

Troy Hopfensperger says:

Hey it has been patched the truck doesn’t spawn

Harlin Cepeda says:

Does anybody notice that you can actually get this car and also the gold or
chrome modded dubsta 

Will Johnston says:

I sell one and then go to sell another and it says ‘we don’t need anymore
Can someone help???

Samuel Gotwalt says:

Sir weed does it work for xbox 360?

pavelow33 says:


Headslammer says:

OK anyone on xbox 360 willing to invite me to this mission so i can get it
in my list? apparently its really rare… gamertag is TheHeadslammer

israel moreno says:

If it does not by pass the 45 minute then this is stupid glitch!

Mikey Hindle says:

I did not no you made remixs. OMG best ever

aggie181 says:

Great outro sir

Reigns Mods says:

Would help if u answered which consoles this works on
All the videos I watched and a lot of people asking which systems does the
glitch work on and the uploader never answers

This 1 I guess is for new gen systems 

Nads says:

does it bypass 45 wait?

Logan Ingram says:

Does anyone know if you could do something like this with a ballar?

Anoop Sandhu says:

Does this still work

Andrey Bondar says:

I dont have the sad trombone horn

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