GTA 5 Online SECRET Heist Outfit – How To Get The Heist Money “Duffle Bag” In GTA Online! (GTA V)

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GTA 5 Online SECRET Heist Outfit – How To Get The Heist Money “Duffle Bag” In GTA Online! (GTA V) – Secret GTA 5 Heists Outfit & GTA Online Heists Duffle Bag Secret Clothing Option! ▻ Please…

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MrBossFTW says:


MrBossFTW says:

Secret Heist Outfit Feature In #GTAOnline! How To Equip Heists Cash duffle

MrBossFTW says:


Zippy The Mudkip says:

Is there outfits for last gen? Xbox 360 or PS3

connor muelrath says:

Is the glitch for the cop outfit patched already?

mazivness says:

How on earth do you guys discover these things?!?!?! XD lol

Baha G says:

Fuck isreal and ther mothers

Moodi Q says:

When it works with other parachutes I may try
But I’m not going to buy this shit

andy garcia says:

Everyone you don’t have to get a new haircut just put on the parachute go
to a hairsalon and sit down a if u were going to get a hair cut and back
out and u should have it I’m on ps3

Karim Karimous says:


Albert Torres says:

Got the cop outfit! Let’s do this! 

Brother Faisal says:

That Israeli cool ;)

Random Complex says:

If anyone wants to know, it does work is last gen.

Green Hawk says:

Yes you NEED to buy the israel chute bag.

DON’T buy anything else. just put the bag on, go to hair stylist, then back
out of buying a haircut. the bag will switch on any outfit. save and ur
good. equipping a parachute will remove the bag but just re-equip the
outfit and it’ll be back.

chute is $12000 but you’re not forced to use it after (incase you’re a
hateful racist fuck and that matters)

Uzi555 says:

It’s not a star! 

Dwayn Sweetney says:

Mr boss ftw this dosent work on xbox1 i just seen it on icrazy teddy
channel and i choose the same exact stuff as he did all it does it make
your parachute change different color

Royal Nightwish says:

Of course! Money bag… jews…

Derpy Rhino says:

It works with suits

Karl Martin says:

Isreal for the win

Skars Dash says:

i found a way for ps3 and xbox 360, so u basicly get a tshirt, and don’t
put the israel parachute “on”, let it off, go to that hairstyle thingy sop,
as soon as u get in it, backoff don’t change anything and u should get it!
you’re welcome ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

Gaku says:

You don’t have to buy a haircut. You just have to sit in the barber’s chair
then leave it


You don’t need the cop outfit or the red overalls it works with everything

brushlesstraxxas123 says:

Can you change the clothes underneath while keeping the bag on?

Jackson Coward says:

Hey. There are lots of Xbox one players out there. Any chance you could do
a stream or something. I’m dying to play with you

Potato Potato says:


Skagger24 says:

Any way to get the prison outfit or handcuffs?

Zombieslaya336 says:

Is there any after-patch cop uniform glitches? I mostly want the one with
the hat from Seige Mentality IV/4. 

joe bill says:

It works on old gen and all yoy need is a t-shirt or basic outfit

Nate Johnson says:

Terminator 2 minigun scene for sure!

WolfSilver117 says:

Works! you ONLY need the parachute bag and a new haircut nothing else.

PGOWENS101 says:

I got it by accident 

Full Throttle2 says:

So what happens if you want to jump out of a plane and parachute to the

rave2mygravejoe says:

any outfit works, and you do not need to get a haircut just back out :)

Roy Perlstein says:

israel parachute, everyone… *puts glasses on* deal with it =D

DrLoopHole- Destiny And Stuff says:

As an Israeli, I approve!!!!!!! 

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