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oChaoticRavenger says:

Who else has an all Heist weekend ahead?

Freestyles101 says:

.Take a rusty rebel to LSC
2.Go to wheels / Offroad / Stock rims / Purchase Amazon rims
3.Back out, go to SUV / Chrome Rims / Look for Fagorme rims, (They should
show purchased so just equip them)
4.Back out and sell the truck for just over 40 k (cost of 7700).

Virozon Vortex says:

42nd comment

Yes This Will Be Disliked And No Likes :(

Hoorah778 says:

Don’t know why I never find this vehicle. Guess the update fixed it because
I go there at the time you say and nothing. Have tried to several times.

Gavin Virk says:

First comment 

Moey Busran says:

Rusty rebel glitch is over!

oChaoticRavenger says:
Suddsky s says:

This is going to be hotfix very very soon. Take my word for it. 

XxScaryxHarryxX says:

On xbox 360 buy rebels go to ls customs wit it and go to wheels stock rims
and do raider. Then go buy a horn that costs 25,000 dollars and then sell
it for 42k stills works not patched!

Asf Snipez says:

2 viewer i choatic im a youtuber how are you can i play with you i dont
want to ask if i can be on your friends list but can i play with you i play
on 360 Gamertag is ASF Snipez

everett powell says:

+oChaoticRavenger they have patched the higher prices this morning at 2am
the sentinel was Bach to 17000 

androidunderground40 says:

does anyone know if the patched the panto duplication Glitch on xbox 360???
I bought my besra and buzzard with this gltich before heists with this

Raj Dudhatra says:

Can u make a video on how to get quick and more money for payers just
started the game and don’t have any money to any thing , if u could it
would be grateful 

Yes Im Going To Be That Guy says:

Even easier way, heists… Lol jk

Nick Schneider says:

im in a sentinel and it isnt spawning


Chaotic is like the best gta youtuber! How could anyone dissikera his
videos. If you dont like it, dont show it or dont even watch the video!

Antonio Rego says:

Patched only 17k now

harryschafter says:

Can confirm it works on PS4. Sells for $38,695 after the glitch.
Considering you spend $4,690 for the Amazon rims & assuming you deliver the
Rusty Rebel in mint condition, you’re profit is $34,005.

EnderBloxRules says:


I'm Trollos says:

need heist members friend me on xbox 1 my gamertag is Im Trollos

Mr.PintoBean says:

also these customized cars are not available anymore for that sell payout
,they are back to their original 14,000 for the yellow and blue sentinel
XS, i play on PS4,not sure if it makes any difference

James Hurt says:

good video. I did notice a few spawn locations for rare vehicles online.
More money, the better.. Thanks for shairing

Blackish0ps says:

Is anybody else not able to get the chrome or gold dubsta to spawn in
anymore ?

jefeg84 says:

PATCHED!!! This was patched today with the 1.24 update. The blue sentinel
xs is back to $17,420. Also the raider rims and sad trombone for the rebel
were patched so save ur $$$

Can am Max1000r says:

It s back to 17000$ for the blue and 14000$ for the yellow that is after
the last update it’s a bummer 

Kanye Weekes says:

Thank for that hint
Never done a money glitch before
This is easy

Jake Dilkes says:

If you go to the top of the map, go to the Los santos customers area and
sometimes a fully customised rat loader spawns

iTZzArJuN says:

It’s still worth 17k for fuck sake in ps4

Matt Plays WGS says:

They patched it on 360 I tried to do it with the valpid coyote and it
didn’t have the sell option

cjchoa says:

I think it is because of the wheels glitches that their prices went up

josh rdash says:

Guys they have patched this on Xbox 360 now

Aiden Mcnair says:

No my online login always fucks up!

MakeMeASandwich32 says:

I guess its patched cause it says the sentinel (i found it outside and its
the blue one) i had in my garage is scrapped?!?!

$Kfuentez$ says:

I found a peyote but it only sold for 12 grand

Robert Ellis says:

The gang vehicles in the rancho area sell for 33/44k.

Mr.PintoBean says:

it seems like they removed the Dubsta 4×4, i cant find it in the location
anymore even if i go around with a dubsta…what do you think?

Jacob Sachs says:

Yellow sentinel only gave me 17k

een vuurwerk kanaal says:

it can olso on singelplayer

KAEYE Bosman says:

This is all pached 2 hours ago

eyad 15 says:

7th comment yay.


Torbe Kwan-Parsons says:

u sound like bear grylls. lol

Stephen Russell says:

patched before this video

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