GTA 5 Online- NEW BEST EVER! $40-50 MILLION/HR MONEY GLITCH INSANE! (After Patch 1.11)

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Chris Quigley says:

Does this work with the 200k apartment by the mors mutual and the gun shop
with the range?

Borghome says:

For me it says I cant sell it. It needs to be less than $50.000


Tolga Kemalov says:

How did u removed the tracker pls help me !!!

TryhardUnicorn1 says:

Does this work for psn

Chuck Norris says:

do u have to wait for the rebel to be delivered


thanks bro

Chris dijkstra says:

Nice vid

Brandon Simon says:

I lost my adder and it only sold for 745$ 

Allan McRae says:

When I phone mechanic for the rebel it says I’m already in my personal

0905TNguy18 says:

So do you have to wait 40 min to do the glitch again or can you just keep

charles bevan says:

Here’s a tip…..enthusiasm.

cody harper says:

Does it work on any garage or just the 400k

Jurgita Riaubiene says:

Sparta ia ma reach now uh yey

oThirdHD says:

You guys have to be on a invite only session

isaacgalaviz12 says:

He says gayruage instead of garage 

Sohel Khan says:

what you think what you are talking about? let me guide you the genuine
stuff search panXCash

Marko Zivko says:

It is showing tracker to me.. ):::

Injustice GAU says:

Didn’t wok :/

Thomas Edison says:

i sell my car for 733,300 and all im missing is 80 & 100 % armor there r
faster ones just have to find them

qasim khan says:

How can I get full money for my cars all I’m getting is 90k

Mirjam Henkes says:

my agger only get 15k but i cant buy upgrades beacuase i am low level what
can i do?

afollrod says:

There is a tracker every single time, so pissed

Danny Blakemore says:

Thank you could you add me on xbox 360 my gamer tag is Dano2900 you are

markmdublin says:

Tried this a few times with my 240,000 + mods Jester, only sells for
10,000… Parking the limo and leaving in a nice car is a great way to
duplicate expensive cars though. But yea, 10k isnt worth hassle. (On PSN)

Shawn Kozlowski says:

But how dose the timing have to do with any thing tho?

Cooper Pete says:

how do you get the tracker off?

Case Brinksma says:

For some reason, the car I’m trying to sell still has the tracker. I have
tried taking it off but nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated,
thank you. 

Dion Street. says:


Your_Addiction says:

it won’t give me full price only 15,000

Jose Mondesir says:


Bill Lee says:

worked for me if you have ps3 add me my psn HyperBrendo i will help

YoungJusticeTV says:

Can we do it if we don’t have that exact mansion?

RTM_th3RM says:

Your my G fo life!!! And follow ever step if his up until the repairing
part, DO NOT repair the car or you will get a lot less for it

ScaredJoker213 says:

Didn’t work

cmcdowell1321 says:

Thanks but I found this method that gives me full cost everytime. After u
sell the glitched car wait till u see orange circle then leave gta online
once in single player go back to invite only then steal a car and place
back into garage then call the limo and make sure u replace the car u
stole. Works everytime. 10000000 n the

Brandon Zoghbi says:

If u do it again do u hafto buy rebel?

xXChineseflyriceXx says:

do u have to use the 400k apartment?

cage temple says:

it wont work for me

Josh Ramble says:

I just found a duplication glitch

yair tinoco says:

yes I tried it worked

Nicholas Hahn says:

Then they ban you and i will be lmao

Jecador Silva says:

Add me merchindice3 no spaces or capitales thanks

Johny Newen says:

Thanks man it actually work

Robert Reyes says:

What’s a tracker??

nick lynch says:

everytime i do this dumb glitch when i get out of my garage with the car
and get out it always has a tracker

AirDesigns | PhaR @18k GFX says:

Fuck this it’s shit not working for me on ps3 I’m fucking done waisting my
money on this shit fuck !!!

The Airsoft Child says:

Every glitch only gives me 150k

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