GTA 5 Online: INFINITE MONEY! “Buy Everything For FREE” Glitch! “MONEY GLITCH” (After Hot Fix)

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GTA 5 Online: INFINITE MONEY! “Buy Everything For FREE” Glitch! “MONEY GLITCH” (After Hot Fix) Hey guys and today I got the best glitch in GTA Online. You ca…

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Herp says:

Got great news a bypass has been found I have a text tut in the description
below and video out later today ­čÖé ´╗┐

Herp says:

Sorry guys it just got patched as of 20 mins ago. I will keep you guys
updated if a new method is found sorry for the confusion. ´╗┐

GlitchMasterr - GTA Money Glitches says:

Nice Title ­čśŤ lmao´╗┐

WiLLiSGaming says:

Awesome man but they literally just hotfixed this xP ´╗┐

playalle1 says:

i cant do the hotfix bypass it asks me to download content and then its
stuck on a choose player screen´╗┐

EbAyshooter says:

Hey everyone. Can someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what that lawn mower
looking thing is called?´╗┐

iCrazyPro says:

Even though the glitch doesn’t work, I’m still giving a thumbs up because
you took the time to edit and publish this video for your subscribers :)!
Thanks bro, keep up the good work!´╗┐

Sonny Moore says:

Creator is gone´╗┐

DimebagVision says:

Damn, too late. Fuck rockscam!´╗┐

Jacob Mitchell says:

so if the high life update was supposed to come out tomorrow and gets
delayed because of this I’ll be a little upset. And of course the one time
I actually want to use the creator it’s down. ´╗┐

Killua Zoldyck says:

They literally just patched this right now by removing the content creator.
You were kinda too late on this glitch.´╗┐

Spawnzy says:

First I love your vids<333333´╗┐

Alexbee111 says:

wow. posted, and same day fixed. what the shit.´╗┐

IAmTheGamingMiner says:

i did it 1 time then it got patched it D:´╗┐

RatedLive | Daily GTA 5 Content says:


Ciaran Meagher says:

I still have the creater beta could someone help me out and do the glitch
with me´╗┐

Ayomahade X says:

Wow they hot fixed it ´╗┐

romerobros11 says:

I need help it isnt working pls help my xbox GT is SoloWolf159´╗┐

Matt Bucknall says:

So is the glitch patched´╗┐

alexjedi12 says:


braydo2000 says:

It’s not working plz help message me on Xbox C0D3 Redstone´╗┐

WoLf Clan says:

This is ruining online ´╗┐

DreamBeamFTW says:


korn lloyd says:

Herp Your fucking us stop posting this shit plz ´╗┐

xXDarkHawk24Xx says:

How do you find these methods?

Robert King says:

Way to go ruin it for everyone by putting it on youtube´╗┐

Tyler Gwartney says:

troll lol´╗┐

Gta Gameing Guy says:

Good vid I am going to try it´╗┐

angel RAY-V says:

i just waisted 1 million dollars -.-´╗┐

Byron Dean says:

rockstar… you may have one this time but herp will find another mad
glitch ­čÖé +Herp ´╗┐

chris john church says:


Lewis Blythin says:

It won’t let me go on creater ´╗┐

abioticarc says:

Couldn’t you use this method if it wasn’t patched as a money making way by
buying cats and selling them ´╗┐

VstarGAMERS says:

They removed content creator´╗┐

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