GTA 5 Online – How to Make Money – Millions For High Life DLC & RP Glitches on GTA 5 Online (GTA 5)

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GTA 5 Online – How to Make Money – Millions For High Life DLC & RP GTA 5 Glitches in GTA 5 Online (GTA 5) More GTA 5 Online ,GTA 5 Glitches,GTA 5 DLC, GTA 5 News and GTA 5 Online Videos Subscribe…

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TwoDynamic says:

GTA 5 Online – How to Make Money Fast For High Life DLC & RP Glitches in
GTA 5 Online ! (GTAV) #gta5 

Khan Ishraq says:

I have 750000 just by doing rooftop rumble

ChipmonkzHD says:


GreenVenom says:

Dope shit declaan!

Kwebbelkop says:

Sick video! :)

alejandro73atl says:

They need to do this next weekend 

CRASH says:

add me psn: spyro1234 i need someone over level 75 so i can do rooftop

HaupCOD says:

Hey if you can host rooftop rumble then message me on xbox GT: HaupCOD
btw I’m level 72 so I’ll only need it for a bit.

marquan williams says:

I did rooftop rumble all day and rounded up bout 4mil 

Sparky Miner says:

I raised from 37 to 53 in that day and over 1mil dollars!

God says:

nice, another gta video thats just like the other 49842920 ones with the
Sammeeeee methodddd

LonE WolFe says:

I earned $5 000 000 in just two days by doing Rooftop Rumble!

Matt Canipe says:

I think rockstar should take away the vehicle impound because it ruins the
fuckin game constantly going back and foward to retrieve cars.


Not to be stupid but, is this a glitch

Jordan frost says:

So are heists coming with the high life dlc?

Excel says:

Person on the thumbnail looks like a crack attict.

FlexManiaFM Flex says:

Why do you always say go backwards? It works quicker going forwards..

Tip for Rooftop Rumble: Before flying off in your chopper, WAIT for the
sUVs to come (3 in total) and take them out for more RP then finish off the
mission also when you get there you do not need to get out you can just
land into it.

iSoapCA -Don't Drop The Soap. says:

Anybody Want To Do Rooftop Rumble Or The Race Mission? I Have the race
mission but im not high enough level for Rooftop Rumble but im a good
getaway driver if you want to play msg me on xbox GT: SN Kushh

XavierJ61 says:

PS3 YOLD today FML.

Joel Fernandez says:

the link for the PS3 race is the wrong race

GandalfTheMagicalStripper says:

My gt is AceTrainer4 I need help for money

Andrew- NSaNeCards says:

You can also just melee kill all the guys if you start with the guys on the
right at the front and work your way left.

M Fizzy says:

im gettin 8k nd 1350 rp, isit cos im level 8?

Alberto A.B. Carlos says:

Somebody want to do the rp glitch with me send me ur PSN mines is ;

stelton25 says:

Can someone host rooftop rumble on ps3? My psn is stelton4

Jonieeboii says:

Message me on Xbox Live – Jonieeboii – for Rooftop Rumble, will not accept
friend requests so just send a message saying that you saw this on this

Bry Mendoza says:

Psn:XxToxicQSLxX please add

Broman 83 says:

Message me on xbox DiViiN3 FuNionZ for rooftop rumble

MaxCommentaries says:

xbox 360 GT: zJipzeh lvl 25 ;p 


yay first time ver being under 301 club

marquan williams says:

Now now the 2x RP is gone now 

M Fizzy says:

I cant find it on xbox?

Alberto A.B. Carlos says:

PS3 doesn’t work no more 

GlobalGamerUniverse says:

Where the heck is the ps3 link???????????

Kowazuky says:

Can somebody explain how you have chop there? Also how do you have the fire
extinguisher and what looks like flares (but maybe smoke grenades) 

Andrew Vlieg says:

Someone add me on gta v and do this with me? xbox 360 GT: LLamaCornBOoM

Steve Bazzoni says:

Xbox gamertag is-CODLEDGEND07

Microman90 says:

It dont give u alot of rp 

Michael Frishkorn says:

Oh and mix’d with coke won’t need you to buy any ammo. 

Y2JGaming says:

PSN: Y2J39 If anyone wants to do Rooftop Rumble. I have the mission.

zerkergames says:

if you need anyone to start rooftop rumble on xbox my my psn is zerkergames

Scott Verner says:

I only found out about this today and only got 400k :(

Draft Sqrt says:

Xbox GT: All Sqrt hmu in like 30 mins

MWNW Whitney says:

If you’re on rooftop rumble with more than 1 person, you need to die by the
computer then when you respawn, blow yourself up with a sticky bomb. It’ll
double your payment if the other online players beat the mission

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