GTA 5 Online – How to Make Money Fast & Rank Up Fast in GTA Online! (500k+ per hour) (GTA V)

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How to get money fast in GTA 5 Online and rank up quickly! ▻ Click here to Subscribe! ○ Follow me on Twitter – ○ Like me on…

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Typical Gamer says:

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to press that Like
button for me! Also, to enter the giveaway for (2) $20 Xbox or PSN cards,
be sure to Subscribe and comment below with your favorite method and your
prize of choice. Thanks a lot and stay tuned for more! Instagram giveaway
winners announced tomorrow! Cheers! :D

Typical Gamer says:

Just a heads up for those of you using these methods to make money now; I
was playing on a x2 money and RP weekend that’s why my figures in the video
are very high, but, the amount of money/RP I said per hour is the
non-double weekend figures you are able to achieve. Also, giveaway winners
will be announced soon, so, be sure to enter ASAP! Thanks & Cheers! :D

FiReNoTcH4802 says:

My favorite method is to lay rooftop all night and earn about 2.5M

Gabriel berry says:

my consol is xbox gamertag gmoney41214 and i would like the 20$ xbox card

Liam Dawson says:


Benjamin Johansson says:

Looking for rooftop rumble host, ps3: BenjaModeON


I’m searching somebody that can host rooftop rumble
i’m lvl 20

AtariGuy666 says:

i cant get the guys to freeze up so i can hit them. What am i doing wrong?

bearz_eat_beets on ps3 if anyone wants to rumble.

WoodGam3s says:

Hey looking for someone to play coveted with. Psn STEVE23678

ShawnLGND says:

My favorite method was rooftop rumble! I’d like the ps3 card!

Ian Kraemer says:

Xbox 360
Gamertag: AirsickGoblin

wannabeeish says:

psn card … rooftop rumble is the best

pabel ali says:

Need someone level 75 add me on ps3 MR_YOOSLESS

Corbin Grimm says:

Mr graffiti roof top rumble level 52


Miscellaneous PSN need a host :D

davide manca says:

Hey typical gamer your videos are very good:)
My favourite mission is rooftop rumble too because i started rooftop when i
was level 120 and i’ve ranked up very fast ..after 5 weeks i ranked up to
level 190 and today i’m level 192 it’s was a good progress :)) Nice vid..

Wouter Goossens says:

Spamming rooftop rumble Xbox

Hypnotic Water says:

PS3 – PSN; LegitZoid lvl 4 (New Account) Rooftoprumble.

GamingKid says:

my conesol is ps3 and my name is KYRSP33DY20my frend maded it for me and i
am levle 88

TheAwsomeFace says:

Looking For A Host for RoofTop Rumble PSN:rafal7u5

Keenan Loiselle says:

Gamer tag keenanloiselle9 Xbox 360 roof top rumble and my level is 42

That Guy says:

how do I bookmark jobs for the PS3?

Dylan Johns says:

The coveted link just takes me to all of the top playlists instead of that

Jose Sanchez says:

Why does it only give me 18k

Wolf Army - Leader - Connor says:

I can do this if you need someone to help you send Killer XD 211 a message
saying can you do… I will try to

Jordan Reynolds says:

Hey im on xbox 360 an im trying to play rooftop rumble I need money for a
house invite me black samuri97 

Skee191 says:

Rooftop rumble is my favorite n I’d like the psn card also I’ll be hosting
on Ps3 skee191

Ben Foster says:

i like coveted better and xbox

itz Lyzo says:

Doing missions and Xbox 20$

justin james says:

roftop rumble psn smilzak47 rank 71

Gavin Spiegel says:

I’m a level 84 and Rooftop Rumble isn’t showing up in missions.. Any ideas
on what to do?

Razgriz Reaper says:

Awsome vid but I hope you do realize that because you have exposed that
rooftop rumble is one of the easiest ways to make cash and RP, now rockstar
may remove the mission altogether like they did with coveted. Rockstar uses
videos like these to patch and fix problems and exploits in the game.
Please keep that in mind if you have not for the sake of the players
enjoying these exploits.

TheKillercarlos23 says:

PSN: killercarlos23

patricia Atterberry says:

Add me tre9_folksz for ps3

OfficialSandfreak1 says:

Rooftop Rumble is good but before i used to do Coveted

Joe Cunnah says:

psn name: SKYSYNIPER rooftop rumble

Luan Felipe says:

thanks ! I shared with all my friends , buddy! you’re awesome.. keep with
ur workig .. great!

Gabriel Mendoza says:

I prefer #1

Daan Siderius says:

In the double rp/money weekend i did 8 or 9 rootop rumbles :)

Javier Fuentes says:

coveted for ps3 doesnt work:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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