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I had an amazing livestream yesterday i just want to thank everyone that joined me and someone called Cheryl donated and i want to thank you personally if yo…

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Auho10 says:

How are we supposed to take a pic of the cragobob dropping the vehicle

G Bell says:

LMAO don’t you need to do a glitch just to get a cargobob????

InfiniteDynamic says:

Awesome Video Bro<3

MegaCre8ivity says:

I was at the livestream yesterday: ZeskaHD <---- that was me ;)

umadbro says:

+CodFlaws should i do this if i have modded/glitched cars because i don’t
want them to look into my account if i win and have them taken away.

Joe Add'callaghan says:

How did you get the luminous secondary colour on your car???

Alvaro CAro says:

I maked 6 millions in 2 months in gta online

Ali Shirazi says:

im pretending its your ear hole mate

Bradley Wynn says:


marvelfan9781 says:

I was in the livestream. I am starwarsfan9781.

King Dior says:

Nice, bro , but how you get so Many money ? 

robbie dickson says:

could you plz check out my channel. Inonly have a little video but gonna do
alot more

DHGxSealxTeam says:

What car is that

Palani Coonsis says:

I wish my snapmatic worked):

so.totally.sneeky says:

2nd view

carlos shipley says:

Whats your crew?love ur vids.that colour is awesome

TheOneStephen SAAN says:

what car is that

Raul Molina says:

What car is that? I really like it 🙂 

Evasi0nGaming says:

Intro music?

ELITExDaltonxHD says:


simran khaira says:

cod flaws can you add me on xbox if u play on xbox?

Alonso Nunez says:

What rank you need to be to get the cargobob message me on the xbox please
my gamer tag is TZ ZombieKiller

TheOneStephen SAAN says:



Codflaws = flawscod

Luck Arts says:


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