GTA 5 Online FREE Modded Money BANNING Players In GTA 5! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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GTA 5 & GTA 5 Online – GTA 5 Online FREE Modded Money BANNING Players In GTA 5! (GTA 5 Gameplay) GTA V! ○ HELP ME GET TO 400K: ○ Follow Me On Twitter: …

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LispyJimmy says:

*Have A Great Day :D*

AsherPlays says:

Everything has its end. 🙁

My Hacked Lobby Story: I was playing GTA 5 online when I was at home having
a fever. I joined a random server. I noticed a bunch of people near the Los
Santos Customs, so I decided to check out what they were doing. When I
found them, there were about 5 hackers in that lobby dropping millions and
millions of $$$. I really wanted money because my I never had over
$150,000. I casually walked to the money and picked it up. I noticed that I
got $50,000,000 dollars. I bought an Eclipse Tower Apartment , 5 Zentorno’s
(Lamborghini) and 5 Adders(Bugatti), and a bunch of outfits and clothing.
I invited all my real life friends to join me and get some $$$. They
joined, but all the hackers left and they used a lag switch to make
everyone leave the lobby. Next thing I know, I start freaking out because I
was SCARED about getting banned, but I really appreciate that they didn’t
ban me. I got my first platinum trophy in that PSN account.

Vise Frantic says:

I got my account suspended for two weeks for just trying to get into these
Never even got into one

Slenda Mon says:

Jimmy please, Ive been having 2 Billion cash for over 2 weeks now,
Ive also been hosting money lobbies for random people and giving them shit
like all guns.
They all start screaming and saying God Bless You and shit like that.
You need to get your shit together lol

Andy Bou says:

Jimmy you might not see this but as a modder myself, reporting people and
account banning or console banning them will do nothing. You could buy a
7-12$ kv and unban yourself and you’re back on track. And it’s very
unlikely to banned from a recovery (modder going on your account and giving
you money, rank, unlimited ammo, modded cars, ect.) I’ve done 100’s of
recoverys and only 2 have been banned, and it was only like a 1 week ban.

Tyler says:

When you were talking about the cheaters pool and how we wont be able to
play the game we love, I couldn’t contain my laughter. Nobody really
“loves” this game its just a game you play when you have nothing else to
play its basically a last resort game.So all you GTA Fanboys that are gonna
comment hate on this comment I could care less I don’t check the replies i
get anyway :)

AstroHDgamer [CM|T] says:

Lispy, do a face reveal or 400K;) 

Juan Castro says:

Guys If You Get modded money Make Sure You Don’t Have A Social Club
Account, They can’t see Yout Transactions so Your Good. Welcome :)

7Tgamer says:

When I modded money over a year ago even before DNS codes I got banned for
3 months. When I was in the lobby I was given more modded money and I got
more time in the lobby. Don’t get yourself involved with mods. It will ruin
gta v online for you.

LispyJimmy says:

GTA 5 Online FREE Modded Money BANNING Players In GTA 5! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Shiny Umbreonx says:

I think he was paid by cockstar to make this video. Just listen to him.

Nestor Hernandez says:

I used the DNS servers, hosted and joined lobbies. I did not ever get
banned because I stopped playing for a week or so when the bans first
began. I didnt even get placed in cheater pool, my level was just reduced
to 60 from 150 but I am still able to purchase anything. My money was
reduced to only a few thousand but I had already bought everythin possible
by then :)


Gta aren’t doin shit all about us modders we can open 15 mod menus at once
and they aren’t banning anyone bro I have millions and have given millions
to people and no aus been banned yet -_-

Christian Lowe says:

Can you down load your gta 5 profile to gta 6?

smackdown627 says:

Do you get console ban or gta online ban or Xbox live or psn ban

XeHeart Mods says:

iv had max money on 3 accounts since tu 3 Lol and hosted 5 recovery’s this
last week and no ban plz explain this new bad ass banning system… LOL

Eric T says:

My best friend has been giving me millions over the past week. I would
deposit like 10 Million at once. I have not been banned once yet

Jaime Lopez says:

Lipsyjimmy (sorry if i MISPELLED your name ) but i have a problem with my
gta 5 online profile they gave me money and then i was suprised but then
they banned me so can u tell me how to get my account back please and great
vid today and thanks for the heads up even thought i was modded

Jump Az says:

I have 6 million and I have been playing a lot of missions and what not and
I’m on new gen as I transacted my guy, i have had the modded money for
about 2 and a half weeks now and nothing has happened 

Ralph L says:

Yesterday i went online after 1 week. It’s was a waste of my time. I only
played two missions and it took me for about 1.5 hours. Both mission where
joined by trolls and teamkiller. Next too that i got kicked (timed out) the
hole time. Rockstar sucks tthese days. I like too play GTA V , but it got
me too play Farcry map editor because of the lost of Heist and fair
players. I really don’t give a f*** about this game, hope everbody wil get
a unlimited ban who exploited the game. Rockstar Shame on you, bleeding
your game out. 

FezoGFX™ says:

Banned twice : L – guys i dont recommend not getting into them i got 1
month both times 3 times is a perm ban aswell so :LL …

Flippin Derp says:

There is a way to make without cheating and without doing anything else
than playing Potshot playlist you MAKE A SHIT TON OF MONEY!

TheClashingMaster says:

What if you do the rat loader money glitch will you get banned?

Josue Otero says:

Sometimes I sit back and wonder Lispy Jimmy does videos for money. No one
is getting ban. This is those created video that is faker than Tupac Death

mike fansler says:

Why should we get punished if we can’t play the game the way rockstar set
the game to be then if we get banned for that then they need to deal with
the problems of their servers I’ve been dealing with this problem since the
last update so my game play sucks right now and all I hear is we working on
it over and over and I know it is not just me it’s four of my friends in
two different states. I don’t believe in modded money and won’t go there
just to get money it’s gotten easier ways to make money on the old gen

SYN TECH says:

I have been suspended so I went on horizon and unbanned myself

demonic candyman says:

I host modded money lobby’s private with DNS codes that pretty much remove
the ban hammer. So I’m good :)

DKpaintball says:

I just went back to my ps3 and got the money then transferred it to my ps4.
works fine

The Defector123 says:

In the past on old gen i did dns codes and gave people money my friends
money i thought it was the best thing ever the next day i realised y am i
doing this and turned off the dns code i still got a warning now i never do
money glitches or any exploits 

Karol Buczak says:

I got banned 2 times first time for DNS codes second time for modding so I
stop and I never got my old accounts back cuz I didn’t want them cuz I
wanted to start all over and yes my friends are modding and giving me money
but I found a way not to get banned just keep or money in ur wallet don’t
put it in cuz rock stars see only ur bank money 

Aikaramba12 or Håkon SL says:


Da Boy says:


Derin Yousefi says:

Well Jimmy face palm…

beast from the east says:

What happen to jimmy 

yourheroes 123 says:

I took 300,000$ used it then got suspended for 2 weeks 

MrKillaz9 says:

Hey Jimmy I need your help… I was playing GTA online yesterday and I got
loads of money by some Modder and I got suspended and I’m scared if my rank
and money will be reset because I’m level 128 legit and I buy shark cards a
lot don’t know what to do because my I share my account with my Dad and I
just worried 🙁 

nathan skene says:

dude its getting shitter by the minute on old gen its hard, the only
mission i know that will give you some dosh is Trash Talk unlock level 81,
you get about 17k to 25k, 22k if your by yourself. 

Mr. Humor says:

I NEVER thoght modded money would get you banned 

SARPC says:

I have like 100 mill, still never got banned and transferred to NexGen

Elzombiejefe says:

I host modded money lobbies on Xbox 360 send me a message or friend
request. I host them every Saturday and Sunday and nobody I’ve hosted it
for has ever been banned nor have I. My gamertag is: SkythkillerRS

griffin tetley says:

I’m safe and I have this

INFINITESlayerx2 says:

I used to do modded lobbies and never got banned but that was when dns were

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