GTA 5 Online DNS Codes – Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Dns Codes – April 2014

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ThePagasis - Minecraft Server - says:

Be sure to check out the links in the description!

john jeffery says:

this dude is a big fat phony!!!!

Scagua33 says:

It worked thx

Justin Leonard says:

It froze because you cant sell it for more than 150000

Matt Dage says:

I would really like a dns code that works guys please message me thankyou

Seccohh says:

Why is everyone so fucking gullible? He’s not giving out dns codes, and
these aren’t even his fucking video’s. Get over it, and play the game. Stop
wasting your time trying to get codes that will never be released, because
there are none……

Danny Coronado says:

Fake ass shit!

Alonzo Arevalos says:

My fully upgraded adder only sells for 100k any advice?

Malvin Monteiro says:

Yo should give me money it’s also my b-day 

Ricardo Valenzuela says:

eeeemmmm ok its a good glitch but the video its name new dns you lie -.-

khris rapier says:


Black_mist says:

it works to bad my cars are to modified and if u push “A”or”X” put that car
in the garage or u might lose it

Dynomichael Mosley says:

hey what is the song at 3:48

khris rapier says:

it doesnt work

Dynomichael Mosley says:

it is awesome working perfectly fine


They do work you just breed a jail broken ps3 

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