GTA 5 Money Glitch – How To Get FREE Heist DLC VEHICLES! (GTA 5 Online Money Glitches)

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GTA 5 Online – NEW GTA 5 Money Glitch To Get FREE GTA 5 Heist DLC Cars in GTA 5 Online! ▻ GTA 5 Videos Subscribe: ▻ Twitter: …

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Raider Nemo says:

Hey Nought, can you please upload something else instead of money glitches?

Pawlik says:

People that dislike this video are probably from rockstar

RedFall0ut says:

Nought if you reply it’ll make me wet

NoughtPointFourLIVE says:

Find out this NEW Money Glitch – This will let you get FREE Heist Vehicles
& Other Vehicles Online!

Alex Bell says:

does anyone have a Roosevelt that they could let me dupe? Xbox one GT- x
VondyJr x

Real Duky says:

Yes it works u just earned a subscriber bro keep it up.

Jack Lord says:

I’m looking for someone to trade/duplicate cars with: I’ve got all the main
super cars with modded paint jobs and I’ve got 4 modded cars with modded
PS4, I’m mainly looking modded cars, my PSN is footyladjack 


*Is this working for all consoles?*

The Professionals IV says:

And this kids, is how you get banned

Darren Campbell says:

You are a dickhead it does not even work and I wasted a 725.000 car you

Dhyey Trivedi says:

Nought does it work on 360 please reply I will really appreciate it

Itz KratosHD says:

Hi nought (if you reply it will make my day.)

Bernardo Sotoo says:

Does this work for 360?!?!?!?

Panda Games says:

Reply nought it’ll make my day

Psnatedog says:

Can i do this with any car like a zentorno

Yousif Baqtar says:

So I would do it now quick

da killa says:

Way to much for a duped car

Glitchy Gamer says:

What if you want the insurgent witch cannot be put in your garage or even
the hydra as you did say any vehicle 

ArguedMan W. says:

Why are u doing money glitches again..

Marwan Alsuwaihel says:

Can you please do a video of where to find the Karin Sultan, it will help
out a lot.

melanmaster says:

I have the guardian, armored kuruma, and entity. I’m looking for a
Roosevelt, insurgent, and adder but any other super car will work I’m on
ps4 my psn is supermelan send me a freind request and say what cars u want
and what cars u have and we will do the glitch

Mogi The Gamer says:

So now we know that oChaoticravenger is Npfl’s friend and his name is Sam

Jay D says:

how can i duplicat an adder or zentorno if they only have two doors +

Foxy the MLG pirate fox says:

Any good modder for ps3 out there I need help!?! Or AWESOME heists
playas!!! Add me

Ps3 – ASJDGamer

Mubarak Hajrey says:

Hi guy, i want to trade rosvelt for lost van 2 ,psn Leo_FlameHeart cheers

Lewis Paterson says:

Anyone hear want to help me do it plz I will return the favour 

TurbosnipeOne says:

Hey guys u might say im trolling but i want some good partners to play “the
prison break” on gta online xbox live anyone willing…my gamertag is

smashbang geo says:


Andrew Tawadros says:

Nought can you help me please.
GT: Smoove Killa150

Nihad Mahmoud says:

Ps4 glitch please bro cos others only work for the Xbox

alan barclay says:

Can someone please help me Xbox one GT Muddigger167

Dakota McCreary-Hutchinson says:

Anyone have a hvy insurgent that I could have. I have maxed out Duke, Adder
and kuruma

Toni Plays says:

can you upload solo money glitches please

Ramo1931 says:

Does this work on ps4 and with the principe lectro if so can some one dupe
it for me

FbookTm says:

Add me on Xbox One to do this. Optic Core is my gamertag 

chad moore says:

Can u do this with pegasus vehicles

Wesley Teitsma says:

Second xD i never did this butblawl??

Joao Monteiro says:

Nought love your vids but does it work for all gens let me know plz

Seth Van der Slycken says:

What about playstation? Does it work? 

German Whip 9/11 says:

why are you talking so posh? let loose a little man

Utt3rgaming says:

hey nought i enjoy your videos and they help me alot in gta online 

C0TY1990 says:

How it free if your friend has to buy the car

Gabriel Wright says:

This is really badly explained 

Erfan Azoji. says:

Hey nought does this work on PS3 

seebl1 says:

does this work for ps4

imCurzy says:

Does it work on both gen?

Andrew Tawadros says:

I don’t know how
To do this , can someone add me and do it with me
GT: Smoove Killa150

Santiago Rincon says:

does this work with pegasus vehicules?

xavier lay says:

Does this work on ps4 Fred?

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