GTA 5 Heists DLC – Make EASY Money In GTA Online With Daily Objectives – Earn Millions Fast! (GTA V)

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GTA 5 Heists DLC – How To Make EASY Money In GTA Online Through Daily Objectives – Earn Millions Fast! (GTA V) – GTA 5 Money Method & Best Way To Make Money In GTA Online! ▻ Please …

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MrBossFTW says:


xF Inferno says:

Get my video to 36,304 dislikes please 

MrBossFTW says:

Make EASY Money & Earn Millions With This New Feature With The Heists DLC! 

Zip Nost says:

No heist leader gives 25% to anyone. They are greedy cunts

PetayPanMoFo says:

5 to 10 min each maybe not all three. Not when they want u to play tennis n
do LTS etc

Tt124CP says:

Do I have to do 7 Daily objectives to access a weekly objective? And if I
do have one is it supposed to say Weekly Objective?

Joyful Amoeba says:

the payouts on heist are fine ive never made this much money this fast

ericfrom50 says:

Some are stupid, like the wheelie one,
you have to do a wheelie for 10 seconds
I failed…

Stermtrooper says:

Keep up the good work Ross

Dennis Thompson says:

CRIMINAL MASTERMIND CHALLENGE – Looking for amazing GTA v players to do
this challenge it will need 23 people as I have 1or 2/ not including
myself NOTE
You must be rank 100+
You must have an heavy duty car! Eg: armoured karuma or sandking xl
Must be willing to play when we ask must not compete in any other heists
Must buy amour

MultiBagelo says:

There’s some really annoying ones like participate in a vehicle deathmatch,
and participate in an impromptu race. WHICH NOBODY EVER DOES.

GGGeorge PPPond says:

How do u do the perform a stunt challenge because I did 2 of the stunt
jumps but nothing happend

CcSmokecC says:

Mr. boss… Don’t you realize if you do the math it’s just like playing 1
mission per day.

$20,000 per day for a month… You might as well just grind a mission or do
1 setup heist for a random player.

Daily challenges are just convenient if they’re what you are gonna do
anyway. Honestly they should’ve been the same for all players across GTAO.
This way if you’re challenge is something lame like, Play a Capture game
and win, you aren’t completely screwed. Because let’s face it, NOBODY plays
Capture anymore, it’s just TDM & Races. 

Tomy Sanguinetti says:

I don’t know about you but I am very annoyed about the fact that 80% of the
times that I hit “play heist” in quick job, I join a lobby with the fleeca
job or the prison brake heist, I have completed them like 7 times each and
the others just 1 time so I want to replay the others without hosting them

Dan Hannah says:

I completed my 4th daily objective in a row today, really need more for
hydra D:

Chris77Rocks says:

This is actually very helpful to me. I paid close attention to the Heists
payout, and the amounts of the challenges. I am trying to save up for the
Hydra. already 1/3 of the way there

Bubbles says:

you could watch the first 20 seconds of this video and already answered
everything you need to know… looking forward to some more
speculation/theory videos soon

blaster1 112 says:

Something wrong with your calculation.

Monthly pay – out
28x 25000
4x 100 000
1x 500 000

+ cash from missions.

= >1.3 million dollars a month

BreadEngine says:

Please find another way to get the cop outfit! It sucks that it’s patched!

TrailBlaze Gaming says:

Hey MrBoss, can you do a video of the HVY insurgent vs karuma? My friend
and I are having an argument for which is better. I love your videos, and

Gr0ve St Lethal says:

I’ve been playing heist on Battlefield Hardline lol

Megadog says:

Actually, 31*25,000= 775,000 and 30*25,000=750,000 and for February
28*25,000=700,000. That means a 31 day month you earn $775,000, a 30 day
month you earn $750,000, and in February you earn $700,000. This means each
year you earn $9,125,000. (775,000*7=5,425,000 and 750,000*4=3,000,000 and
obviously 700,000*1=700,000. 5,420,000+3,000,000+700,00= 9,125,000). That
is only if you do all the objectives daily and I didn’t count the rewards
you get for doing these daily objectives a certain amount of times.

Tomas Prado says:

Please please please please do a comparison of the Karin Kuruma (Armored)
vs. HVY Insurgent (6 Seater)! I need to know which would be a better option
to buy! Thanks!

Ryan Hall says:

Hate that you have to use the street bikes on the last heist that shit

seth barroo says:

Hello I’m on Xbox one my name is epic-barrow-s and I need a heist crew I’ll
cough up the setup costs

Thomas says:

why the fuck would I want half a million dollars in on month when I could
make a few million in a month by jobs races or death matches 

Swaggy rz375 says:

Im looking for 3 people on PS4 to do heists with me (im not a loner all my
friends have xbox)
• Must be above level 70
• Min age 12 (no squeakers)
• Must be serious (no fucking around)
• Min k/d of 1.10
• Must have mic
• No racism or discrimination
• I must give equal shares of money
• Must have decent car(s) and weapons
• No dying (i play on hard)
• Must be online weekends
• Preferably no or minimum background noise or music
I would also like to do the Criminal Masterminds Challenge if anyone is
interested all rules apply

Tom Smith says:

I’m on he last heist and need good players so hit me up if yah wonna join
GT: smigdog82 lvl 192 (english) (Xbox one)

Botmon says:


CallMeCostari says:

What about 2nd character? Double your money?

Also, when you do them for a week on the 7th day you only get the weekly
bonus not the daily bonus aswell. So same must be for the monthly. So lets
do the math. 24 x daily. 3 x weekly. 1x monthly. 600k for daily + 300k for
weekly + 500k for monthly makes 1,4m a month. Add the award bonus to that
and do it on 2 characters you can make about 3m a month and you only spend
about 20-30 mins a day doing this.

I have been doing this since day 1, which is 9 days now and I have yet to
make a 2nd character. So yes, this is definitely worth doing everyday.

Arif Miah says:

Are you someone who loves playing GTA and is good at it?
Are you someone who does not have a good crew to play GTA V heists with and
is tired of waiting for random’s to join just to start up the heist but
then they leave half way through?
Then look no further and carry on reading…

Me and my friend are looking for 2 more people to do heists with on the
PS3. We are currently on the first set-up mission for prison break. If you
would like to do the heists with us then read the following requirements
written below.

•must be rank 100 or over.
•have good stats/ skills.
•be in the UK to play after 4/5 PM(GMT)
•great if you have a microphone.

You going to make really easy $$$ because me and my friend would take 15%
each so there will be 70% left which will be split between the 2 that
decide to play with us.

If you are interested then comment your PSN down below and tag me in the
comment so I get notified. Thanks!

Henk says:

They dont take 5 -10 minutes, the first one I had to do were playing dars
and a bike race. Just finding someone to do that with takes more than half
a hour

Pedro Henrique Vargas says:

Yeah cause everyone has time to play gta for 1 month in a row

jkdreamer01 says:


I’m on a busy season and can’t spend too much time doing big things in the
game so this would be simple daily investment to build it up.

A lot of ways, almost entirely, this reflects upon REAL LIFE. “Excellence
is not and act. It’s a habit.” Per Aristotle. Many financial gurus preach
people always look for the big pay days on such short amount of time that
they do not wish to take the scenic route on a slower pace and accrue their
ROI. I was going around doing heists but the pays were def not reflective
upon the time investment (X $ / hour). Rockstar may have some brilliant
economists and accountants int their mix applying real world theories in

Ratmut says:

1.3 million per month.. Not bad 🙂 Not bad at all :)

Ryan Hall says:

Should get 10k per objective then they would be worth doing 30k total and
3k rp would be great and worth my time

Fatal Fisherman says:

Anyone looking to play through heists message me (Fatal Fisherman) on Xbox

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