GTA 5 DLC: Get $1,000,000 Million Money Prize Giveaway Capture Creator Gameplay (GTA 5 Online)

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GTA 5 Money: How to Win $1000000 Million Giveaway Capture Creator Launch Gameplay How to Get Money (GTA 5 Online) ➜ Lets Get Over 150+ Likes for GTA 5 Capt…

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TheBartman541 says:


MILLWALL97 says:

Nice keep up the good vids and u will grow in no time mate!

william jones says:

Finally rockstar have done it I’ve been saying to my friends how awsome it
would be if you could make a capture and now you can Thankyou for making
this video cause now I can say to my friends that rockstar have done it

DigitalGamer says:

Awesome video

Take Sway says:

Gonna try this out looks awsome hope you win !

Sam BFH says:

As always great content. Never disappointed 🙂 Well , I don’t know where to
post for the giveaway to win so I’ll comment everywhere hahaha hope I win

MR.MaCgaming says:

I know that no one cares but… second

Snozzcrumble says:

*Lets Reach Over 150+ Likes!* Hopefully you guys join and make some of
these Jobs to enter the Giveaway!

Maribel Nicoletti says:


Sizzler789 says:

Didn’t even know about this

sebastien sagesse says:


SilverxX456 says:

I wish I can win it 

gunners arsenal says:

Love to win the PSN card

Brendan Foxlee says:

Hope I win

Byron Neal says:


Bryant Escobar says:

Snozzcrumble is awesome

TheMarioSlide says:

Thx for the info on the contest and ur vid had great quality

Emil Mellerup-lund says:

Cool video

Cievan Doherty says:

Can I have the psn card pleasssssseeeee

Lee Jackson says:

Great vid and I am glad that I know about the competition.

Daniel Arden says:

Thanks for your time making these videos

Ginoke smitsmans says:

Super awesome video man 

andrewmerritt48 says:

I think that will be hard man

Nebil Allam says:

And I need that card

ApprexMiner says:

Anothere great video

Jacob Reid says:


Michael Meurin says:


Deven Berry says:

I want the PSN card

NODDIE says:

I did…..yellow lik.carmelo

David Povey says:

Looks good!

Jose Rocha says:

Gonna try and hope i win ! 😀
Lookin nice bro 

Thomas Aquino says:

Nice video

Josh Jackson says:

I love you’r vids.

Victor Daniel Rivera de Jesus says:

Super cool video as always

Tushar Khandakar says:

Can I have the PSN gift card please

Scott Williams says:

So swag

DEC-_-M3LLOR says:

Hi your beast

Andrew Mungarro says:


Matúš Bak says:

I love you favorita youtuber :)

David Gely says:

Great video tho and thanx for the info and I’d like to be in the giveaway
your doing keep up the good work and I also played your mission 

Szymon Czubaj says:

whenever I go on jobs and go on ‘me’ and press search it stays on rockstar
vertified jobs. When I go on my jobs on my profile and I search for capture
and it stays on the same page. does this happen to anyone else??

Ross Hanevy says:


Nicolas Fletcher says:


JustinPlaysCOD says:

I want the PSN card!!!!!

Erik Barrios says:

Can I has the gift card 

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