Far Cry 3 – How to get FAST and EASY money

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This video will show you how to get easy money in Far Cry 3. Near the middle of the game you can unlock the shotgun challenge, which is an easy way to get mo…

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Jamie Van der Waffel says:

Thanks bro

Cristian Briggs says:

Pistol challenge is the best way to get money

johan axling says:

He wasn’t there when I came

WolFraMHuN99 says:

I think the pistol challange better than shotgun challange… :D

WowCubeCentral says:

No longer works I don’t think :/ Wasn’t there for me, it either requires a
certain mission/secure the surrounding outposts or was removed?

Байшылык Жанабергенов says:


Matic mijatovič says:

u dont get 500 u get 250 bicause u payd 250

Daniel Crosswaite says:


Afham Adam says:


Richest People In The World says:

cash mow

StupidGamer says:

You only get 5000 a month in Far Cry 3? Fuck, you suck.

DarkKokiri86 says:

The spam has nothing to do with the video -./

Lynxfeather says:

i went for it, but it wasnt there, it just randomizes depending on the
sidequests, i got it near rustyard

DDRtheDOC says:

I do the crocodile run at ama village its the easiest to learn on expert
$125 in 55 secs average. include loading times hmm $125 about every 2 mins
tops aprox.

KingLoop13 says:

Nah, its different every playthrough. For instance, the first time i played
the game, I had shotgun, 2nd I had sniper, but there were less birds with
the sniper one.

Deborah Hazan says:

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SinRoEditz says:

holy shit faze

StupidGamer says:

Yes, shooting birds is a crazy idea.

landofthedead09 says:

Throwing knife game is easiest for me. within 10 minutes I got 6k

DanishFanbuscus says:

how do i unlock the shotgun challange?! i almost beaten the game but theres
no challange comming up there

Kenneth Gomez says:

fucking shit left me broke lol

ben church says:

how do u unlock ive killed vaas and still not got this

Julius Yee says:

what i did to earn money?? keep finding rebels….keep killing them with
all my skills maxed

IAmStraponz says:

You gotta take out the enemy base thing nearby to see it

Tom Mcaine says:

fuck you bot i wont test out your shit you scamming bastard

Wlisa Neal says:

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Josh McGrath says:

Or you can do the knife challenge but I think the location randomizes

Marco Kittel says:

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TheArrowdude says:

thanks !

OneMansDesteny says:

i do this w pistol 😛

Jeremy Jensen says:

Handgun one is easier

GhostFace Killah says:

i used cheat engine for money didint have to do this stupid looking fucking

Leroy Jenkins says:

Its better to do with Skilled setting cause its really easy and only a 100$

harrison j says:

Thanks man good help


You used to practice this?

ketchup says:

This dosent seem to be very easy, but ok.

Kate Parabules says:

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morgan antonio b says:

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PrzemekPL100 says:

i actually need a way to get rid of money on this

theApex ec says:

I’v got 5000 bucks from that

Colin Newcom says:

change your goddam name. if you dont know how to do that then i know youre
not in the faze clan.

jems babu says:

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That Bosnian says:

You have to take over the pirate camp near bad town for the place to appear

RogueCrockett says:

I have only found the pistol one XD maybe this was to easy and the got rid
of it XD

Glen Andrew says:

Thanks? this video is amazing.but i make like $25 a day with

That Bosnian says:

Made a bunch of money from this.. thanks!

Rex Robbins says:

I think I know a diffrent way get money

Varian Wrynn says:

it’s a fanboy

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