Dying Light – How To Earn Money Fast

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Denonu says:

Just a little trick I found out while playing the game. If you guys want to
see more videos like this let me know. 

beastgamer9991 says:

Sub 4 sub

Lust says:

Go to south east of the corner of the map and find the cabin where a guy
blew his brains out. There is a pistol and find a propane gas barrel and
throw them in a zombie crowd and throw fireworks to gather them and shoot
the barrel. haha another fun idea of blowing them up !~ yeah !

CreepMaster says:

The best way to get money If pick up military and police rifles you get
from missions and selling them!!!! 

Tracker947 says:

I enjoy finding useful strategies and stuff like this in games. If you find
stuff like this, I’d love to see videos. When I can finally break into
newer games, I’d even enjoy helping you find stuff like this.

2kerzGames says:

There is one thing I do in this game I do the quest for the main story line
1st and then I do the side quests after to get more money because it will
be easier because you will have different and better weapons then beginning
so for me doing the main storyline first seems simpler and better

Rudra Bharat says:

Sick intro :D

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