DEAD Frontier How to Make Money Fast & Easy

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This is a quick video highlighting a very easy way to make some money for all you dead frontier players. And please dont beg me in game. I am saving my money…

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Qiuziarui says:

if u already have 5 mil plus theres a better way … instead of buying
neros, by all the exterminator reactives/ meshes and sell them= around 500k
profit rather than 100k

Naviss says:

Hey ZN Do you have a Facebook page? If you don’t, then make one, it’s

Deadfrontier ZedMaster says:

wat i do to make money is whenever i find like a weak armor or a weak wepon
i go to the yard see how much to scrap it and then go to the market and see
how much they sell it for then i just choose whatever is higher ….ive
made 350000 in teh last month and a half…..but this video helps me make
more money…keep these vids coming ZN2012….

Shisho zippy x says:

nice ZN 😀 thnx 4 the advice

Borgie49 says:

Nice idea ZN, btw are you going to steam boss hunting for the event?

xiBlacKouTzx360 says:

Where exactly were you? I know it says South Eastern Zone but how far?

ZombieNation2012 says:

yeah I will be in a little bit

ZombieNation2012 says:

I have my main FB page, I have a df fb page, but i didnt really keep up
with it because nobody really ever went to it, so I am not big on the fb

Timothy Gonzales says:

#AMCFearFest + DeadFrontier = Genius

Raivis Graudins says:

ya its easy way how to get money but its so boring

Meo Gari says:

where r u from?

ColeGaming says:

Really a nice method. Now ,with everyone knowing it ,everyone will play
Monopoly on the market ,which ends up to being great.

ZombieNation2012 says:

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