Dc Universe Online – How to get fast money(First Commentary)

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Hello my dear subscribers, Thanks for watching my video! Im realy glad that you stay showing your support to let my channel grow. If you are not subscribed o…

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SpartaN says:

Hey bro great Video, keep em up and theyll keep getting better 🙂 I would
love it if you could give me some feedback on my videos to

Andre Smith says:

Your English is fine dw and you actually sound a lot like Balkan check out
his channel you, im not advertising or anything but great video man it
really helped 

Joshus Davis says:


Tristin Lovett says:

Aye bro let.
Me ask you somthing do you have any white auras or red auras I’ve been
looking for some for a while


Nice video thx 🙂

ClashOfClans101DrD says:

DO NOT QUIT because someone doesn’t like I, that is ridiculous if they
don’t like it then they don’t need to watch it. By the way your English is
completely fine, I have seen other videos and couldn’t even tell hat they
were saying. GOOD JOB!!! Make more please!!!

Tristin Lovett says:

You did good☺️

TheErmac007 says:

e gast kunt gy guide geven zonder legendary ik zou u echt dankbaar zijn :)

PandaStarMC says:

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