Big Idea Mastermind Join Page

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Big Idea Mastermind Join Page Hi, I’m Adrian and my team is BIM BIG. Technically, you will be joining Empower Network. If you wa…

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You Rich says:

Big Idea Mastermind Join Page

Hi, I’m Adrian and my team is BIM BIG. Technically, you will be joining
Empower Network. If you want to work with me, here is the link: This is the basic level. Once you are inside,
you will be able to upgrade if you want to.

Now comes in the picture Big Idea Mastermind. Its founder is Vick
Strizheus, an online marketing veteran, who specializes in generating high
amount of online traffic. He joined Empower Network on December 20, 2012
and in his first month he made over $710,000 in profits. In the first six
months he earned $2.2 million and became one of the TOP 20 earners in the
World in the network marketing business.

Big Idea Mastermind Join Page

He decided to create a new organization (Big Idea Mastermind) to offer
specialized training based on his experience and strategies. BIM offers a
lots of extra stuff (focusing on traffic generation) to its members. Many
say that if Empower Network is considered a car, then Big Idea Mastermind
is the engine!

Now comes the good news. If you join BIM through us, then you will
automatically become a member of Big Idea Mastermind also. The cost is
Zero! All the videos, training materials, softwares are free. No catch, no
hidden fees.

Big Idea Mastermind Join Page

To see exactly what you get if you join us, please look for BIM & EN
Systems page video. There are five levels – we call them “Basic”, “Silver”,
“Gold”, “Platinum” and “Diamond” (they correspond with the five levels of
Empower Network). So, when you join Empower Network through here, you will
get their products (depending on what level you purchased) and also you
will have access to all the goodies in your BIM back office (videos,
softwares, training materials). Again: BIM is totally free. If you join
through here, your Empower Network’s password will also get you access to
BIM back office.

Big Idea Mastermind Join Page

Empower Network sells five products (more about it a bit later). The first
one (“Blog Beast”) is an awesome vitural blogging system. Some people do
not wish to promote/sell the products, they simply subscribe to the
blogging system and use it to sell whatever they have. In this case, your
monthly fee is $25.

The second level (“Inner Circle”) is an audio archive. A new audio
recording is added every week (average length is around 90-120 minutes).
Usually one of the “Big Shot” guys tells us what is working right now in
the continuously changing world of online marketing. This is highly
recommended. The monthly cost is $100.

The third level (“Costa Rica Intensive”) is a mid-level internet marketing
course (11 videos). Very good stuff. There are quizes to each lesson to
make sure you understand everything. The cost is a one-time $500.

The fourth level (“$15K Formula”) is THE best internet marketing course I
have ever seen and experienced (and I have bought many of them)! Your goal
should be to buy this as soon as possible! It contains 24 videos (some of
them are almost 4-hours long). If you want to know about the various areas
of online marketing, if you want to learn from some of the best instructors
– then this is it! The presenters are not “theoretical people” but the ones
who have gained their experience by doing what they teach – they earn high
five or six digit income – per month! Again, this is THE biggest bang for
your buck. The cost is a one-time $1,000.

The fifth level (“Masters Course”) has 41 videos. Each will give you one
or two golden nuggets and help you get to the next level in your online
business. The cost is a one-time $3,500.

A lot of people buy these products to learn and use the fresh knowledge to
sell their own product line or services on the internet. The good news is
that if you currently do not have a product, you can sell these! You are
allowed to sell what you have purchased yourself (if you did not purchase
it, how could you recommend it to others?). In this case (if you want to
promote/sell these) there is a monthly fee of $19.95 (“Affiliate fee”)

If you only subscribe to the first level (Blog Beast) and you want to
market it, you monthly fee is $25 + $19.95 = $44.95

Let’s say, you are at the fourth level (you have purchased the Fast Start,
the Inner Circle, the Costa Rica Intensive and also the $15K Formula
levels. You also want to promote/sell all these products. How much will be
your monthly cost? The first two are recurring monthly fees, the last three
are one-time fees. In this case your monthly fee will be $25 (Fast Start) +
$100 (Inner Circle) + 19.95 totaling $144.95. Remember, you can get 100%
commission that is $125 FOR EACH SALE PER MONTH!

I hope, so far it is clear!
Please join at

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