Battlefield Hardline How to Level Up Fast & Get Money! (BFH Multiplayer Tips & Tricks)

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Battlefield Hardline How to Level Up Fast & Stack Lots of Cash Money! (Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Tips & Tricks) 1080p HD ▻PC Games & Console Cards Cheap!

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Chance Gaming Media says:

Battlefield Hardline How to Level Up Fast & Stack Cash!

SpartanJesters - Guides says:

Can you tell me how me and my buddy can join a pc server together without
getting on wrong teams 

Prevail says:

Great video! I am definitely going to play a lot of hotwire, even just
picking off drivers with a sniper was giving me 30 kill games in the beta!
So i do think that whether driving, repairing or running and gunning this
game mode is for sure the best way to get them stacks xD

Naburish says:

i did the same in the beta because i wanted the pink zebra camo

Marco Rodriguez says:

Is anyone experiencing constant 1 second bans from punkbuster for no
reason? This was happening a lot last night and it was becoming very
annoying. Every time I joined a game, 2 minutes later, punk buster would
“ban” me for 1 second .

Lee Brentnall says:

What a boring way to rank up!!!… Driving around!!! isn’t that how to rank
up in a racing game???.. 

Neon Kurls says:


Kristina Dash says:


penguin11111917 says:

Very nice video man glad your still active keep up the great work!!!! Never

david sKIME says:

Is it just me or did they fuck up the vehicles handling?

Novokan3 says:

I started to play hotwire last night just for kicks with my cousin, i was a
level 3 and jumped to level 15 in just an hour. WTF! I found my game mode

Chandler Smith says:

Sweet name bro. Not too many of us out there!

MurKone87 says:

Man this game mode is fucked up. I only see the enemy planting c4 and
waiting on the streets for us to come by with the cars instead of getting
in a car and drive around
(which is the point of the mode) It just isn’t fun when you are the only
one trying to cruise around in a car and everyone from the enemy is just
camping with a set of c4’s or rocket launchers. It ruins the mode :I

( Sry for bad english )

david sKIME says:

That grenade ambush was sick !

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